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Version: 11.33

New Features:

  • MRP: Set OrderNumber field to the top level demand

  • MRP sets OrderNumber field on the generated jobs to the parent order number for which the order was created for. It is now set to the top level demand's order instead.

  • speed up the peformance of multitasking resources

  • Optimizing and adjusting schedules that use multitasking resources is much slower than schedules that don't use multitasking resources.
    Changes have been made so optimizes and adjustments to schedules with multitasking resource is about twice as fast as it use to be. The time has approximately been cut in half.

Corrected Issues:

  • Material Req: Planned Scrap Qty not importing

  • Material Allocations: Operation constrained by available date schedules at lead time

  • Incorrect Job Name is shown in SuccessorMO validation error

  • MRP not respecting Batch sizes

  • Production Report displays the incorrect quantity

  • Lots: 'Unable to cast' error when changing lot controlled type

  • Fixed an error caused when changing inventory from shelf-life to another lot control type.

  • Unschedule job with successor MO causes error

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when unscheduling a job with successor MOs defined.

  • The JIT start time varies based on the capacity the different eligible resources.

  • The JIT start time varies based on the schedule of different resources.
    The "ideal JIT start time" is simply the need time of the operation minus the amount of time it takes to process.
    To take the effect of online and offline intervals into account, the "estimated JIT start time" is calculated based on the schedule of a sample resource. That is, its online and offline intervals are taken into consideration to determine when the operation could actually schedule. This time can vary greatly depending on which resource is selected for the calculation.
    The "estimated just in time start date" is now based on the capacity of the resource that would allow the operation to schedule as close as possible to "ideal JIT start time". 

  • Import timing out and freezing computer

  • Impact grids don't record manual moves

  • Fixed an issue where impact data was not recalculated after certain moves.

  • Optimize stops at 10% and freezes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause optimize to freeze.

  • JitStartDate calculation results in ArgumentOutOfRangeException

  • Fixed an issue where If an Operation doesn't have any eligible resources, calculating its JitStartDate would result in an error.

  • Optimize is Slow

  • Fixed an issue with overlap that was slowing optimize performance.

  • Jobs pulling material from on-hand instead of allowed lots

  • Error when removing allowed lot code from material requirement

  • Error log takes a long time to resolve

  • The same set of capacity intervals were being assigned to the same resource 9 different times. This was causing the same resource to be updated more than 100 thousand  times!

Minor Changes:

  • MultipleWarehouseSupplyAllowed checked for tank sourced material results in FailedToSchedule job

  • If a job has a  material requirement that can be  sourced from multiple tanks (MultipleWarehouseSupplyAllowed is checked), it's possible the job will fail to schedule.

  • Localization V11

  • Spanish translation updated.

  • Item.LotUsability field is disabled for new items

  • New items created with the Maintain Inventories dialog can be set to lot controlled on creation.

  • Move messages logged twice

  • When getting a message after a move, it will no longer be shown twice.

  • Improve the naming of BaseObjects

  • Resolved an issue that was causing new objects to include long numbers in their names, after their type.

  • Remove MrpProcessing.SetJobNeedDatesOnly

  • Removed SetJobNeedDatesOnly from list of options for MrpProcessing field on Inventory.

  • Resource Property: Number of Activities Scheduled on Resource

  • Added a new Resource property that displays the number of activities currently scheduled on the resource. This is available on the Activities grid and in gantt labels.

  • Out of range exception from Gantt

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error when switching user language.

Latest Release Version: 11.32 (November 1, 2018)

New Features:

  • Integrations: Add Ross integration files

  • Ross integration files available.

  • SetSubJobNeedDates: Enhance to allow for different options

  • MRP Option SetSubJobNeedDates has been extended to include new options and the ability to specify more granular settings. The setting now has four settings for which date to use as the subjob need date: Parent operation's start date, parent operation's JIT start date, the earlier of start and JIT date, and parent job's bottlenecked operation's start date. This new fourth option allows for delaying the sub job so that the parent job's operations are compressed if there is a bottlenecked operation in the parent job. Using this new setting may reduce the time between start of the parent job and the start of the bottlenecked operation.

  • Lots: Add lot code to sales order and purchase order

  • Material from purchase orders can be pegged to be used by specific operations. Sales Orders can be pegged to specific jobs. Sales orders now show adjustments in the inventory plan only when material is available to ship.

  • Improve the performance of optimization of scenarios that contain batch resources

  • In Scenarios that contain batch resources, optimize might run slowly.
    In one example, optimize took one hour, 11 minutes and 33 seconds to schedule 7,100 jobs.
    After changes to improve the performance, this same example took only 16 minutes and 49 seconds to optimize. The optimize ran 4.25 times faster.
    The debug configuration took 31:12. There was no timing information on how long Optimize took in this configuration prior to this change, but the debug configuration generally takes about twice as long to run as the release configuration, so it's probably running about the same number of times faster. 31 minutes instead of 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Corrected Issues:

  • Activity Grid Scheduling: no purple alert for material constrained move

  • KPI: On-Time Sales Orders % KPI not calculating

  • Sales Order KPIs have been updated to include both jobs classified as Sales Order and Sales Orders

  • Single Plant Optimize: Default resource causes job to be scheduled in non optimized plant

  • When using Default resource. Performing an optimize on a single plant may cause changes to other plants.

  • MinMax Resource Constraint not recalculated after qty change

  • Fixed an issue where changing MO quantity via the Set Job Values dialog could cause the job to become ineligible on the resource it is scheduled, for example due to min max qty constraints. The job will now be unscheduled if it is no longer eligible.

  • Grid Search: grid doesn't find results when using '-' symbol

  • Expedite won't schedule successor manufacturing orders in the same job.

  • Expedite won't schedule successor manufacturing orders in the same job.
    If an unscheduled job has multiple manufacturing orders with one order being a successor manufacturing order to another in  the same job then an expedite will fail to schedule the successor manufacturing order.
    Resolution: The successor manufacturing order now schedules.

  • Capacity Plan: Bucket length resets to day after client restart

  • Fixed an issue that caused the capacity plan chart bucket duration and bucket count to load incorrectly on client restart.

  • Materials Grid: Date Fields shown in UTC

  • Resources grid layouts not saving in Activities pane

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the resource grid in the Activities pane to not load grid layouts when switching workspaces.

  • CTP - NeedDate is incorrect and causing the job to appear late

  • Updated CTP to display a result based on the availability of the material produced instead of scheduled date of the job.

  • Inventory Adjustments: no adjustment for expired lots

  • Inventory plot details now display lot expiration along with the producing job. 

  • Activity Status time display in Activities

  • Copying a user results in changes affecting both users

  • Fixed an issue that could result in updates inadvertently affecting copied users.

  • Jobs scheduling past the planning horizon

  • It's possible for jobs to schedule past the planning horizon that shouldn't due to lot code pegging.
    Work around: None.

  • No Adjustment for Purchase Order source

  • Fixed an issue where a purchase order could supply material for an operation, but would not be displayed in the inventory plan.

  • Max Inventory Level not calculating correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the MaxInventoryLevel field could show an incorrect value.

  • Lots: Material pulling from ineligible lot source

  • When using EligibleLots, it's possible for leftover material from a lot pegged to a demand to not be used.
    Resolution: if a lot is pegged to demands through the Eligible Lots feature, after all the demands have ben fulfilled, any unused material in the lot will become generally available to other demands including demands that specify different Eligible Lots; in this case, the material that became available earliest will be used first..

  • Tanks: Tank storage does not extend to last job when being consumed by more than one job

  • If more than 1 job draws material from a tank, the tank's end of storage might not be set to the latest block that uses the tank.

Minor Changes:

  • Object Reference Error - LatestMaterialReceipt in activities grid

  • Fixed an error that could occur when using the LatestMaterialReceipt column.

  • Add MO QTY to Materials Grid

  • Added a manufacturing order quantity column in the Materials Grid

  • Program does not load when configured for transfer quantity

  • The program may abnormally terminate if you are using transfer quantity.
    Resolution: problem resolved.

  • New operation quantity doesn't match Manufacturing Order quantity

  • Generate Forecasts Error: Automatic

  • Fixed an error that would be shown when accessing the forecast generation tool.

  • Prevent Dragging and Resizing of capacity intervals only works for online and offline

  • Running operations un-schedule on status change

  • Added improvements to avoid unscheduling running jobs when status changes in some cases.

  • Purchase Order material not used at the receipt date

  • Fixed an issue where purchase order material was not used if needed at the receipt date.

  • Jobs with multiple manufacturing orders that are predeessors/successors of each other will cause the program to terminte without warning.

  • If a job has multiple manufacturing orders and one of them is a successor of another, The program will crash without warning if the job is expedited.
    Resolution: Fixed

Older Versions

Version: 11.31 (August 24, 2018)

New Features:

  • Gantt labels localized

  • Some gantt labels were not being localized.

Corrected Issues:

  • Activities View Error - Input string was not in a correct format

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent saving a job in the Activities grid activity update control if a Material Requirement was configured without specifying a warehouse.

  • Split Operation Activity Demand is not rounded

  • Job fails to schedule on move

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an operation to fail to schedule after move.

  • Prevent entry of material requirements for 0 quantity.

  • Added validation to reject material requirements of 0 or less.

  • Manual Scheduling Only doesn't work for drag and drop from Jobs grid

  • If you drag and drop a job from the jobs window on to a manual scheduling only resource, the job doesn't schedule.

  • Jobs being pushed past planning horizon when some operations are finished

  • Fixed an issue that caused jobs to schedule past the planning horizon when some operations were finished.

  • Gantt Draw Loop Exception when selecting multiple activity blocks

  • Unable to close the login dialog after certain login failures

  • Duplicate buy-direct materials causing error

  • Added validation for duplicate buy-direct material requirements

  • Transfer orders aren't creating adjustments for the destination warehouse.

  • Adjustments for transfer orders aren't being created for the destination warehouse.
    In the provided example a transfer order is scheduled to transfer material from an inventory that never has enough material to fulfill the transfer order so  a negative adjustment for the material is created for the source inventory at the planning horizon, but no corresponding adjustment is created for inventory in the destination warehouse.
    Resolution: A corresponding adjustment is created for the destination warehouse.

Minor Changes:

  • Client Freezes on Data Refresh

  • Fixed an issue when importing a large quantity of capacity intervals that could cause the client to freeze.

  • Activity set to ManualUpdateOnly when saved due to incorrect production status calculation

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Waiting operations the be marked as manual update only when the job is saved with the Job Dialog.

  • Inventory: Detail doesn't show Forecast Adjustments

  • Forecast demand now displays in the Inventory detail plot if the include forecast in net inventory option is enabled.

  • Gantt: Material: Latest Material Source Line

  • Latest Material Source has been added as a gantt line and materials grid column. This will show the material source that is used closest to where the operation is scheduled. This can be useful to see if an operation can be moved earlier on a resource.

Version: 11.30 (May 3, 2018)

New Features:

  • RCI: Remove reliance on User's local time for time offsets

  • Fixed an issue that would cause weekly recurring capacity intervals to shift after daylight saving time changes.

  • Material Availability: Update calculation to account for Lot codes

  • Updated material availability gantt line to account for lot codes

Corrected Issues:

  • Exception error when optimizing

  • MRP: POs are generated that are not required

  • Commit Schedule: Null reference exception

  • Fixed an issue when committing schedule.

  • Grids cancel without notice

  • Fixed an issue where UI grids are canceling without notice or display to the user. This was causing inaccuracies when using grids.

  • MRP: Required dates on PurchaseOrders are later than demand

  • Resource change dialog -- save and close causes jobs to unschedule

  • Advancing the Clock causes an Offline interval to appear

  • Fixed an issue where Recurring Capacity Intervals were not correctly recurring if the start date was in the future and the end of the recurrence was based on an end date.

  • Exception on Expedite

  • Fixed an Object reference error that could occur on expedite in some cases

  • Resource Transfer Time can be lost when predecessors operations are finished.

  • Job with finished operation that has transfer time and a started successor fails to schedule.

  • When first op is finished job fails to schedule

  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a job to fail to schedule

  • Job marked as late even though it's finishing on time

  • Manual Schedule Only box does not work when optimizing by plant

  • Move Activities button gives object reference error

  • Fixed an issue in the Activities Grid where using the move buttons would result in an error.

  • Jobs fail to schedule after Import

  • Resolved:If a Job exists in the System and is already scheduled, then a new Job is imported that has a successor MO link to the existing Job, the first job fails to schedule on ConstraintChangeAdjustment. It should unschedule. When it fails to schedule, it causes other jobs to fail to schedule as well.

  • All operations are being flagged as Late in the Scheduling tab

  • Product Rule: Job fails to schedule

  • Added validation to resolve this:

     This is being caused by data validation problem. Operations 30s activity is set the state of running, but it has a available material date in the future. It shouldn't be set the running if it is available material date in the future. Basically if an activity is already running the system presumes are no constraint preventing the operation from starting such as the available material and the future for operation 30.

  • Tanks: Tanks not emptying

  • Fixed an issue that prevented multiple jobs from emptying one tank.

  • Operations are scheduled to run simultaneously on single-tasking resource

  • JIT Start Date is incorrect and the Job shows as Late

Minor Changes:

  • UI Error: Duplicate key

  • Error: Window Handle Error

  • PO default scheduled receipt date is 6/21/2003

  • When manually creating a new Purchase Order, the default values have been updated to be more relevant. 

  • Endless Scrolling on the Materials Grid

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the materials grid to slowly scroll on its own.

  • Error when searching grid

  • Grid layouts in the Mapping Wizard now save correctly

  • Materials Grid can't filter the "UnavailableQty" column. It returns a System Message: Object must be of type Decimal

  • Add PlannedScrapQty fields to publish

  • Added the following new fields to publish:


  • Publishing UserDefined field of type TimeSpan fails

  • WebInstaller: Remove admin requirement when installing client

  • When installing the client manager, the web-installer does not need to be run as Administrator. This will make it easier for clients to install it on clients. If admin permissions are required to install the selected features, the user will be prompted.

  • What-IF - Undo - displays user ID not user Name

  • GetCriticalRatio calculation updated

  • UI Performance slowed when logging large amount of import errors

  • Inventory Plan - On Hand Plot shows job materials twice

Version: 11.28 (January 15, 2018)

New Features:

  • Scenarios: Status/Progress indicator for Scenario creation

  • When copying scenarios, a new scenario tab will be shown immediately to notify the user that a scenario is being copied. The new scenario tab will show a loading screen while the scenario is being prepared.

  • Add cycles to consume current shift or cycle's Capacity

  • Two new options were added to the functionality "Add Cycles to" found in the Gantt Block's right-click menu. These options areFill capacity before the end of next offline intervalFill capacity before the end of next cleanout interval

Corrected Issues:

  • Inventory Plan: New show materials button

  • A new Show Materials button column has been added to more easily trace material usage between jobs. It will show the Materials Grid filtered for the operation responsible for the material adjustment.

  • Advance the clock causing a Divide by Zero error

  • Fixed an issue that would cause an error during clock advance when auto reporting progress.

  • Scenario size growing

  • Fixed an issue where scenario memory demand could increase due to undo settings.

  • Optimize: Doesn't account for Department Specific Frozen Span

  • Selecting 'Move' in Activity right-click menu causes an exception

  • Lots: Improvements

  • Simplified the process to import lots. Lots are now published when publishing inventory. When importing lots for a lot controlled item, the on-hand value for the inventory must be 0, or omitted.

Minor Changes:

  • Optimize duration shows differently when users are in different timezones

  • Fixed an issue that would show Optimize timing messages without accounting for the user's timezone.

  • Usability Improvements

  • There is now an option from right clicking an operation in the gantt and an option in the Jobs grid to show material requirements in the Materials grid. The Materials grid now shows Lot Code and Past Planning Horizon column. Gantt colors have been updated. Most colors are now brighter and easier to read. Overtime has been changed to a dark pink color and potential overtime has been changed to a light pink color (previously white with a red border). Material links now distinguish between material requirements and products. Highlighting/Fading has been improved when selecting lower level objects (Operation, Activity, etc). Grid performance improved when filtering on certain column types. Grids will also cancel more quickly when loading large data sets, reducing delay between actions.

  • Capacity Plan: Improvements

  • Updated some default capacity plan settings.

  • InventoryPlot: Add ability to find in Operation in Gantt

  • Added a new operation column in the Inventory plan plot details. This column will quickly find the operation responsible for the inventory adjustment.

  • Resource CapacityType: change to not be required for import

  • Changed Resource CapacityType to not be required for resource import.

  • Grids: Data fails to load and grid doesn't show any rows

  • Fixed an issue where a UDF that is imported with a value that doesn't match its type causes a grid to fail to load data. Now, row values that can't be evaluated will display an error to the user and logged. The data in those columns will need to be fixed in order to be used in the associated grid.

  • Activities Grid: Add expected usages columns

Version: 11.27 (September 10, 2017)

New Features:

  • Schedule Report: Report start date

  • Added a new start date selection control for the Schedule Report. The date will default to the begining of the schedule but can be changed to create reports for different periods of time. This is useful when creating work reports for future shifts, days, weeks, etc.

Corrected Issues:

  • Show other user actions message improved

  • MRP creating PO for safety stock when original marked as firm

  • Fixed an issue where MRP would create extra purchase orders to meet safety stock, which were not needed.

  • Shelf Life: Material expires too early

  • The expiration date for non-lot controlled on-hand inventory is the clock time plus the item's shelf life.
    To specify a specific expiration date of on-hand material, the material must be imported as lots.

  • Overlap: Job Schedules with wrong material source listed.

  • Fixed an issue where jobs could schedule even if material was not available when using material overlap.

  • DBR: Shipping buffer has no effect

  • Purchase Order: Receipt Date not set on import

  • Purchase Order receipt date will now be set correctly when imported or created manually.

  • MRP: Demand for sub jobs not being met

  • Fixed an issue that was causing MRP to not create jobs to meet sub job demand.

  • Gantt: Mouse wheel doesn't zoom or scroll

  • Added Gantt mouse zoom and scroll functionality. Mouse scroll on the gantt area will zoom in or out in time based on the mouse position. Mouse scroll on the time line above the gantt area will scroll in time.  Holding the Ctrl key while scrolling in the gantt area will also adjust the resource heights during zoom.

Minor Changes:

  • UI: Performance Improvements

  • Client users will notice improved MRP performance when using large quantities of items.  Move is now more responsive with less delay between drag and drop and when the move is performed.

  • Users: Import validation added

  • Added validation to prevent multiple users with the same Login from being imported.

  • Recurring Capacity Interval: ExternalID is reused when copying

  • Recurring capacity intervals that are copied will be created with a new external ID, instead of the same ID as the original.

  • Purchase Orders: Unload hours are being set to 1, but import is null

  • Internally created or MRP generated Purchase Orders are not deleted during import

  • Added a new auto-set field on the PurchaseOrders called MaintenanceMethod (similar to field on the Job). This field can be set to the following valuesInternal: When PO is created internally by MRP or user. These types of POs will not be deleted when omitted from import.External: When PO is created by the import. These POs will be deleted if auto-delete omitted records is turned on.

  • License error when running on Oracle virtual machine

  • Fixed an issue that would cause license errors when running on an certain virtual machine technologies.

  • Drop Connection error

  • Fixed an issue that a drop connection error message to be displayed when a user logged off.

  • Error when saving job

  • Fixed an issue that caused a recurring error message after bad inventory template mapping data was imported.

  • Null Object Reference error during publish

  • Fixed an error that could cause publish to fail if certain data fields were blank.

  • System Message - Key not found: Parameter name: key

  • Fixed a 'Parameter name: key' error that could occur when deleting departments in some cases.

  • Exception causes Jobs to Unschedule / Disappear from Gantt

  • Fixed an issue resulting from moving a resource to a new department in the UI.

Version: 11.26 (July 27, 2017)

New Features:

  • Materials Grid: Show supplying warehouses

  • A new column was added to the Materials grid that lists all of the warehouses supplying each requirement.

  • Publish: Option to export dates in UTC

  • Publish has been changed to publish dates in UTC . A new publish option has been added to publish dates using the server's local time. For backwards compatibility, existing scenarios will have this option enabled to maintain the same functionality. Note that viewing the publish data in the client will always show the user's local time.

  • Allow a program to be specified and executed prior to import

  • Added the ability to run a program as the first step in the import process.

  • Capacity Intervals: Updating an individual interval will keep previous intervals in a series

  • This will help keep intervals more manageable when a single interval is changed. The full recurrence will be broken up into a series of intervals before the one modified and a second series of intervals after the one being modified.

  • Added the ability to adjust the height of the Campaign blocks

  • Added campaign sizing options to the gantt under capacity tools.

  • Plant User Permissions

  • Created new plant permission sets that can be applied to users. Allow configuring on a per plant basis.
    Can Schedule Plant (will affect UI actions and visibility)
    Can View Jobs (if not enabled, hide jobs from this plant from jobs grid and activity grid)
    Can View Inventory (if not enabled hide inventory from inventory plant and CTP)

  • Automatically Export scenario when copying to new publish scenario

  • Added a new automatic publish option to export the new scenario when copying to a new publish scenario.

  • Jobs Grid: MO release columns

  • Added two new columns to the Jobs Grid to help see released jobs
    1. Released: One of the following based on the MOs IsReleased status: None, Partially, Released. 2. EarliestRelease: The earliest MO release date.

  • Impact: Compare to more than last snapshot

  • Previously, impact analysis always compared the schedule before and after the last action. There is a new setting in the KPI options to configure which scenario snapshot is used to compare impact. New options include comparisons between now and: last import, last optimize, last compress, last publish, earliest action today, last user created snapshot, or a specific snapshot.

  • Undo, Redo: Add date to grid control

  • Added a date to the undo list.

  • Undo: Performance and management improvements

  • Memory used to store scenario history for undo and redo functionality has been reduced.
    Undoset configuration has been simplified. There are now only two settings: the maximum duration each undo should take, and the memory limit to use for storing undo actions.

  • User Preference: Confirm delete of objects

  • A new user preference has been added to prompt the user for confirmation when deleting objects.

  • Add support to see Successor MO connections in JobWatch Gantt

  • Added

  • Fixed Scrap Qty Enhancement

  • A new field 'Planned Scrap Qty' can now be set on operation material requirements. This value will be used when running CTP or MRP/MPS to increase required material quantity. This value is not scaled like Total Required Quantity and is a fixed amount added to the required quantity that is expected to be scrapped.

  • Publish: Allow for easy publishing only to analytics

  • A new Publish Analytics button on the main toolbar has been added to simplify the process of publishing just analytics.

  • Impact: Merge Impact control into grids

  • The impact control information has now been merged into the Jobs grid and Materials grid. The jobs grid has new columns relating to impact information for the latest change. This allows alerts to be created for recent changes. With added layout filters, the alerts can be customized based on any job property.  The materials grid now has a column for Shortage.

  • Import and delete users

  • User data can now be imported to create new users. Existing users will not be modified by imported values. New users can be set up with an initial workspace to load and initial user permissions.  Also, deleted users will be permanently removed from the system. A new user property called Active will replace the former user delete method. Users can be marked as inactive which will prevent login. Users previously deleted will be restored as inactive users.

  • Materials Grid: Migrate materials report to a pane

  • The materials report is now always available in a pane. The data will be refreshed after each schedule change. The new data grid has the same Layout, Alert, and Column functionality of other grids.

  • Campaigns: Allow gantt drag-drop of campaigns

  • Gantt campaigns can now be dragged and dropped using the Gantt.  Doing so will attempt to move all of the activities that are part of the campaign to the target resource and time.

  • Lot Code Constraint: New material constraint based on lot code

  • Custom lot codes can now be specified on operation products. This code will be used when a lot is produced from that operation. Eligible lot codes can be specified on operation material requirements to restrict which lots can be used for a material source. This allows for basic material pegging as well as other lot scheduling constraints.

  • KPI: Sales order KPIs

  • Two new KPIs have been added
    Overdue Sales Orders and Overdue Sales Orders (%)

  • Production Plan Report: display data in buckets determined by cleanout intervals

  • MRP: Add option to run JIT Compress before generating supplies for each BOM level

  • Added an option to MRP OptimizeSettings called MrpJitCompress. If true, the MRP runs JIT Compress after each Optimize. The final Optimize that MRP runs, will not run a JIT compress. This will cause MRP to generate lower level supplies based on just in time schedule of the Jobs that consume them.

  • Allow custom bucket length in Production Plan view

  • New "Custom" option added.
    New column for Item Group also added.

  • Scenarios: Data refresh and Clock advance individual scenarios

  • The refresh planning data and clock advance scenario buttons have been extended to allow the user to perform the associated action only on the current scenario, or on all scenarios. In addition, a new scenario offline mode has been added so a scenario can be set to not refresh planning data and/or not advance the clock. By default, the publish scenario will not refresh planning data automatically.  This new option will make it easier to verify incoming data or work in isolated what-if scenarios.

  • Lasso Select: Select block if any part of block is in lasso select

  • Lasso selection on the gantt (shift + mouse drag) will now select any blocks within the lasso. Previously it would only select blocks if the resource was completely lassoed.

  • Activity: New fields for same SetupGroup

  • There are two new fields to track quantity and run time of same setup groups. Sequential operations on the same resource with the same setup code will be considered one group.

  • Workspaces: Modify workspaces to save in the User

  • User workspace settings are now saved within the scenario and no longer need to be maintained using the client updater service. Template workspaces are still managed through client updater.

  • Jobs Grid: Add Current Path information to help identify when non preferred Paths are in use.

  • MaxCurrentPathPreference and CurrentPath have been added to the Jobs Grid. 

  • Add columns to Jobs List

  • The following columns have been added to the Jobs grid:
    Job.Product.Item.ItemType Job.Product.Item.ItemGroup PercentOfMaterialsIssued

  • Add fields to Material Requirements Report

  • Added "UnIssuedQty": This is the quantity that still needs to be issued to the Operation for the Material. Calculation: Max(Qty-IssuedQty,0)
    Added MO Product Name to report.

  • MRP: Excess production allocation

  • MRP can generate Jobs that produce more than is needed by the demand. This is usually due to batching constraints (BatchSize, MinNbrOfBatches, etc.) on the inventory. This can be problematic on Tank Resources, since the excess quantity will not be consumed and the tank will not become available until either the production is expired (if using shelf-life) or the end of the planning horizon.
    New functionality is introduced to resolve this issue by increasing the quantity of the parent Job so that any excess quantity is consumed. A new field on on the Inventory called MrpExcessQuantityAllocation controls which parent jobs are adjusted to accept the increased allocation. The following values are permitted for this field:
    None: Leave extra material as WIP in warehouse of on Tank. This is the default. LastParentJob: Allocate the remainder to the last consuming Job (by NeedDate). AllParentJobsEqually: Divide the excess quantity equally among the parent Jobs. AllParentJobsProportionally: Divide the excess quantity proprtional to the parent Job quantities.  

  • New fields on Activity Grid: Committed Start/End Date

  • Two new fields to help track schedule adherence.
    Added CommitmentStartDrift =  ScheduledStartDate - CommittedStartDate
    Added CommitmentEndDrift = ScheduledEndDate - CommittedEndDate

  • DataImport: Performance and error handling improvements

  • Import performance was significantly increased when importing a large quantity of objects.

  • ToolTip: Gantt Tooltip window usability update

  • The tooltip has been improved:
    Tooltip is now more responsive, jumps less often, and fades away instead of disappearing abruptly.
    Added 3 buttons to the tooltip to allow for pinning it to a specific location, a quick link to the tooltip labels, and copying the tooltip to clipboard.

  • Show operations in the Ready color in the Gantt if all un-issued material is scheduled to be satisfied by On-hand inventory.

  • Option for Operation Transfer Time to occur during the predecessor operation's resource calendar

  • A new option configurable in Manufacturing Orders changes operation transfer time to use the predecessors online capacity instead of calendar hours. For example, if an operation completes at the end of a shift and has four hours of transfer time, the transfer time will not occur until the start of the next shift. Without the option enabled, the transfer time will start immediately and could be complete before the next shift starts.

  • Check for updated License Key and apply any changes automatically

  • PlanetTogether will check for updates to License Keys on daily basis and will apply any updates automatically. This avoid having to restart the services to update your keys, for example, when your maintenance has been extended.

  • Import: Improved performance

  • Improved import speed when importing Forecasts.

  • New KPI for “Late Units”

  • A new KPI has been added for Late Units which is calculated as: Sum Job.Qty across all Late, non-cancelled (open) Jobs.

  • Jobs Grid: New starts in days column

  • Added a new column that will help for the process of determining the jobs that are starting soon.
    Starts In Days
    -          Integer (round up)
    -          Shows the number of days between the PT Clock and the Job.ScheduledStartDate

  • Added supply details in Material Requirements Report

  • The Material Requirements Report (opened from the Inventory Plan) now shows the qty coming from On-Hand, Jobs, and Purchases.

  • Diagnostics data for Support

  • A new setting has been added to Instances to control whether diagnostic information can be sent to help with support. If enabled, client support can more easily retrieve relevant data to assist in solving data related problems.

  • Display Jobs with TransferOrder or Forecast Classification as TransferOrder and Forecast in InventoryPlan

  • The inventory plot and adjustments grid will now correctly adjust for whether forecasts are included in inventory calculations. Jobs with classifications of TransferOrder or Forecasts will now show their type accordingly in the inventory plan.

  • Grid Summaries are now rounded

  • Client Sign-on: Run client from specified folder

  • The Client Sign-In program may be installed and run from a specific location instead of the current user's appdata folder. This can be done by creating a shortcut to the PlanetTogether APS executable with the following argument: "\SkipInstall:" If installing the client from the Web-Installer, this shortcut will be created automatically.

  • Publish: New progress bar showing Publish Status

  • A new progress bar has been added to show publish progress. Each scenario will have its own publish status bar and messages indicating the current step of the publish process.

  • Activity: reported start and finish

  • Added the ability to report activity start and finish from the activity status dialog and the activity grid.

  • Users: Add settings to handle inventory and clear data buttons

  • Two new user scheduling permissions have been added to handle permissions to items that used to be handled by the CanMaintainResources option. CanMaintainInventory will allow access to purchase orders, sales orders, and the items grid. The CanMaitainScenarios option allows converting scenarios to the Live scenario, managing system wide options, and viewing certain logs.

  • Add a new Manfuacturing Order Property: "Days of Stock" and "First Shortage" to help prioritize in a make to stock environment

  • Four additional properties have been added to Manufacturing Orders.
    Days of Stock:
    The remaining days from the APS clock until the primary product will be in shortage
    Days of StockExcludingForecasts:
    The remaining days from the APS clock until the primary product will be in shortage without taking forecasts into account
    First Shortage:
    DateTime when the primary product is first in shortage
    First ShortageExcludingForecasts:
    DateTime when the primary product is first in shortage without taking forecasts into account

  • Inventory Plan: Improved Plot and Layout

  • The inventory plan has been updated to allow for customization of the layout. The default layout has been changed so that they inventory grid is on the left side for more vertical space. Users may relocate inventory plan tabs in the same way that window pane can be maneuvered, although all of the tabs will remain within the inventory plan pane.
    The inventory plot has been enhanced to show more information and to be easier to view plot data. It is now easier to view when inventory is below the safety stock, over the maximum, and is expected to be in shortage.  Plot elements can be toggled on and off in the plot legend for more visibility. In addition, the plot can be zoomed in and out using the mouse scroll wheel. In addition, there is a chart range control that can be used to narrow or expand the plot view.

  • Generate, adjust, and view Forecasts

  • Forecasts view inside Inventory Plan displays forecasts for selected Inventories. Users can also generate, adjust or remove forecasts using this tool.
    Three methods are available for generating forecasts.
    1. Generate Forecasts based on Sales Orders through the User Interface
    Use this approach when Sales Order data is available in APS and you want total control around when and how to generate Forecasts. In Invenotry Plan, select the inventory you'd like generate Forecasts for and Select the Generate button from the Forecasts view.
    2. Auto-generate forecasts any time Sales Orders are changed.
    With this approach APS regenerates forecasts automatically when Sales Orders are added, changed or removed. This feature can be turned on for particular Inventories by setting the following three properties:
    AutoGenerateForecasts: If true, APS auto-generates forecasts for this inventory when its Sales Orders are updated. ForecastingFrequency: Determines the interval of time between each forecast (weekly, monthly, etc.) when auto generating forecasts. ForecastingHorizon: How many forecasts to generate when auto generating forecasts. 3. Generate Forecasts manually through the user interface.
    If Sales Orders are not available in APS, you can create forecasts manually by selecting inventories in InventoryPlan and clicking Generate in the Forecasts view. Multiple forecasts can be created at once by specifying the quantity for the first forecast and how to calculate the quantity for the remaining forecasts being created. For example, starting with quantity of 10, increase by 5% or decrease by quantity of 1.
    Approach 1 and 2 that generate forecasts based on Sales Orders require access to PlanetTogether Forecast Service at If internet access is not available, then statistical computing software R, should be installed and setup for forecasting.
    Installing and configuring R
    Follow these instructions if internet connection is not available and your installation of APS cannot access PlanetTogether Forecast Service (
    Download and install R: Run R graphical user interface (Rgui.exe) Run the following command in the Rgui: install.packages('forecast',dependencies = TRUE) Perform these steps on any client PCs that might generate forecasts from the User Interface (approach 1) and on the APS server if auto-generating forecasts (approach2).

  • Inventory Plan: Add adjustable layout

  • Controls within the Inventory Plan can now be moved and docked. This will allow users to get the maximum visibility from the controls that are frequently used. These views are saved as part of a Workspace.

  • Tanks: Do not require a Warehouse to be specified for Store in Tank Products

  • Products stored in tanks are no longer required to have a Warehouse specified.

  • Dialogs: Save size and location

  • Most resizable dialogs will now save their size and location on the screen. If a dialog was saved on a screen that is no longer in use, it will be moved and resized to fit on the primary screen.

  • Publish: Remove SQL Management Objects (smo) as a requirement to update publish database

  • The publish process has been updated so that automatically updating the publish database no longer requires SQL Management Objects installed on the sql server machine. Also, missing tables will be automatically created in addition to missing columns and extra columns.

  • Add shift cost option to Capacity Plan

  • Added a new Capacity Plan option that calculates costs of shifts that are utilized.

  • Improve linking between Gantt and Activities list

  • A new option has been added to the Activities Grid to automatically match the resources and activities selected in the Gantt. An option has been added to the Gantt resource right click menu to display the activities running on that resource in the activities grid. A similar item has been added to the Gantt right click menu to select the highlighted gantt activities in the Activities Grid.

  • Resources: New setting to hide from gantt and activity grid in all departments view

  • Resources can be marked to be displayed when only its department is displayed and not in lists showing all departments. This setting can be used to hide resources from the full plant gantt but still show it in the department tab. Also applies to the activities grid.

  • MRP and Tank Scheduling: Generate Tank Jobs

  • MRP and Tank scheduling are now compatible. To setup a model capable of generating Jobs for Tanks,
    Create a "dummy" Warehouse and set its TankWarehouse property to true. Create an Inventory for the Tank Item in Warehouse created in (1). Setup to generate Jobs as usual. Template should produce a StoreInTank product to this Warehouse. Demands (MaterialRequirements) should also pull from this Warehouse.

  • Activities Grid: JIT Column

  • Added operation JIT date to the activities grid.

  • UI Improvements

  • Many UI elements have been updated to provide a better user experience.
    When selecting a date and time, a new control allows users to quickly select today's date, the current time, and remove the time. Also, if a date has not been set, the control will not display a date in the past; instead it will notify the user the date has not been set.

  • Inventory Plan: New grid columns

  • DaysOfStock, Lowest Planned Inventory, and Highest Planned Inventory fields have been added.

  • Workspaces: Save last used layout for each grid

  • Grids will now save the last active layout used. That layout will automatically be loaded when loading the program or switching workspaces.

  • Add expiring inventory visibility

  • Inventory Lot details have been added to the Inventory Plan for visibility of lot expirations. The Inventory Plan has two new columns showing total quantity expiring and quantity expiring within the short term span.  The adjustments grid has a new row showing Lot expirations. The Inventory Plot will list and reflect inventory that has expired.

  • Publish: Add adjustment reason to publish database

  • Activities Grid: New External Fields

  • Job, MO, Operation, and Resource External Ids have been added.

  • Versioning: Change version number system

  • The versioning system has been changed to be more readable and useful. It will now be [Major].[Compatibility].[Minor].  For example 11.0.1
    An increase to the major version number represents significant feature modifications or new features.
    An increase to the Compatibility number means that older versions cannot load a newer versions scenario files.  For example, when using version 11.0.1 and upgrading to 11.1.1, will result in the 11.0.1 version no longer being able to load data from the newer version.  However an 11.0.1 version could load data that was modified in 11.0.2. This also means that the import and publish databases associated with these versions are compatible.
    An increase to the minor version indicates minor changes and bug fixes.

  • Impact Analysis: Add capability to track items that left or entered frozen span

  • The Impact Analysis will now show a list of jobs that moved out of the frozen span and a list of jobs that moved into the frozen span as a result of the last action.

  • Additional split and join commands available on gantt

  • Added split and join commands to the gantt right click. Previously these commands were only available with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Grids: Layout improvements

  • Layouts can now be managed in the following grids:
    Purchase Orders
    Sales Orders
    Layouts will now be saved in the following grids:
    All grids in the Job Details dialog
    Layouts will now use less memory and load faster.

  • Grids: Enhancements

  • Activity, Inventory, and Jobs grids loading speed significantly improved.
    Clear All Filters button has been added to the column right-click menu.
    ActivityGrid performance improved.
    ActivityGrid will now highlight the Sort By Scheduled Start button when the top grid is not sorted by scheduled start date.

  • SMTP: Add configurable email server to Instance Manager

  • Support emails and logs will now be sent using the SMTP server configured in InstanceManager.  Server configurations and destination emails can differ between instances.

  • Add supplied Job Sales Order property

  • Added new Job field: SuppliedSalesOrderJob. It contains the Job Name for supplied Jobs that are of Sales Order Classification.
    Added new Job field: SuppliedSalesOrderJobDetails: Details for supplied jobs

  • Set Job Values: Additional properties

  • Many new job values can now be updated for multiple jobs at once with the Set Job Values screen. New values include: Priority, MO Quantity, Classification, Hot, and many other flags.

  • Purchase and Sales order improvements

  • A new Purchase Orders pane is available for better management of purchases. The new grid allows for advanced layouts and alerts, creating purchase orders, and displays additional information such as overdue purchases.
    A new Qty Received value has been added to purchase orders that represents the amount received to inventory. This can be used to track orders where the received quantity was different than the quantity ordered.
    Purchase orders have additonal validation: There must be some amount ordered or received.
    A new Sales Orders pane is available for better management. The new grid allows for advanced layouts and alerts, creating sales orders, and displays additional information such as overdue orders.
    A new QtyShipped value has been added to sales orders that represents the amount already shipped. This can be used to track orders where the shipped quantity was different than the quantity ordered.

  • KPI visibility kept when copying scenario

  • When copying a scenario, the KPI visibility settings of the newly created scenario will match the scenario being copied. Changes made to either scenario's KPI settings will be saved just to that scenario.

  • Templates Pane

  • Templates now have their own grid. Templates can be created, deleted, generated, and copied from the grid.
    The Templates grid can be accessed from the Windows Tab -> Show Pane dropdown, or in the New Features tab.

  • Grids: Refresh Automatically Option

  • Several grids now have an a setting called Refresh Automatically. When disabled, the grid will only reload data when the user switches layouts, or clicks on the highlighted area of the grid. The highlighted area will be displayed when the grid does not have the latest data.

  • Grid performance update

  • The following grids will load data faster: Jobs, Templates, Activities, Inventory. The grids will also allow the user to cancel the current load, in which case the grid will display data loaded so far.
    The listed grids will also load without stopping the user from working with the system while the grids are loading.

  • Allow resource requirements to start at Run

    Helper resource requirements can now be configured to start and end at different times than the primary resource. ResourceRequirement’s new fields UsageStart and UsageEnd can be used to specify when a resource is needed.  For instance if a worker were required for setting up an operation, his resource requirement's UsageStart and UsageEnd would both be set to Setup.If a difference worker were required to running an operation, his resource requirement's UsageStart would be set to Run and UsageEnd would be set to Post-Processing , Storage, or Storage Post-Processing.

  • Visual Factory: New Feature

  • Visual Factory allows for automated displays for use on the Shop Floor, department offices, and more. Additional information can be found at:

  • Gantt Line texts can overlap

  • Gant line label readability has been improved. Line descriptions avoid colliding with each other and now have a background so they are easier to read when there are other items on the gantt behind the text. The text is also slightly larger.

  • What-If Analysis: Ability to select which scenarios are compared on the compare scenario screen

  • Only scenarios selected in the grid will be compared.

Corrected Issues:

  • Job Values changed to unrelated messages

  • Fixed an issue where certain job values could be changed automatically to unrelated messages when saved.

  • CTP Jobs not preserved during MRP when option is set to TRUE

  • Fixed an issue where CTP jobs could be deleted during MRP if the associated sales order was deleted. Also CTP jobs will be created with Estimate status and MRP jobs will be created with Planned status.

  • CTP always uses User's Optimize settings even if the User settings specifies using Scenario (global) Optimize Settings

  • Warehouse delete: missing validation

  • Can't create modify capacity intervals' date range

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Recurring Capacity Intervals from being started at an earlier date once already created.

  • CTP: Quick ctp from inventory plan improved

  • The Drag-Drop from the inventory plan to the gantt creates a job using CTP. This job now takes into account JIT buffers and new CTP features.

  • Safety Stock Warning Level cant be set through import

  • Adjusting Resource (Cycle) Efficiency does not effect scheduled run span hours

  • In several areas reporting run spans for operations, different values are now displayed. Calendar duration values represent the length of time from start to end. Standard duration values represent the amount of online time that is expected. Scheduled duration values represent the actual time that the operations spent on online capacity. The Scheduled durations take into account resource modifiers and product rules.

  • Scenario History pane improved

  • Scenario History pane has been improved. Information will be refreshed automatically, the data grid is more customizable, and readability has been improved. The Scenario History pane has replaced the Performance History and Job Changes screens.

  • Material Availability - New Field

  • The Materials grid AvailableDate column will now show the earliest time at which there is excess material available to satisfy the requirement.  The Activity grid has a new column EarliestMaterialAvailability that represents the earliest point in which all material requirements can be satisfied. Moving the operation to this time would not use material planned for other operations. Gantt hints now includes a new line for the operation's Earliest Material Availability.

  • Grids: attribute columns display color if no code is provided and even if number is not the default

  • Attributes are now displayed in grids using three separate columns. One each for Color, Code, and Number.

  • Inventory Plot shows incorrect "Issued Quantity".

  • Data publish: NullReferenceException when publishing data

  • Gantt Campaigns improved

  • Fixed several minor issues with Gantt Campaigns displaying incorrectly. Also updated campaigns to not span cleanout intervals and to display the MO product color.

  • Grids: Export to Xml function does not work

  • Set Job Values: Jobs pane does not refresh after setting the reviewed field

  • Splash screen indicates that the license has expired but system does not go into readonly mode.

  • Buy direct materials not showing on operations

  • Tank Plots: Update tank plots for performance and better drawing

  • Tank plots are now shown within the process segment on the gantt. The plot will draw extra information in place of the standard storage segment. New information includes: Material post processing duration, remaining storage after withdrawals, Storage release timing, and highlighting if lot controlled material expires.

  • MRP: MRP Cutoff changed to duration from clock

  • MRP cutoff is now specified as a duration instead of a specific date. Duration can be specified as the Short Term span, the Planning Horizon, a specific duration, or no cutoff.

  • FailedToSchedule: omitted operations prevent job from scheduling

  • Fixed an issue that could cause jobs with operations omitted out of order to fail to schedule.

  • Optimize Rules does not stay set in UI

  • Labels: Storage label disappears after client restart

  • Storage and StorePostProcessing gantt labels are now saved.

  • Job Watch Gantt: Job doesn't stay selected, when selecting different view options

  • Undo/Redo: Previous error messages are shown again

  • Error messages will no longer be shown from action being undone or redone.

  • Alerts: Alerts disappear when opening two instances at same time

  • NullReferenceException when running CTP with a Template that has multiple ManufacturingOrders

  • Capacity Tools - Table - ResourcesUsing is incorrect for "Overtime" intervals

  • Redo actions are not cleared when a new action is performed

  • Publish by Resource includes all resources, not just the ones selected.

  • Forecasts - allows multiple records with same external id. Compounds the quantities.

  • Capacity Plan: Number of People Calculations

  • The Capacity Plan will now accurately calculate capacity when there are capacity intervals where number of people is not 1.

  • Error logs from one instance are displayed in another instance after login

  • The PlanetTogether client folder used to store client logs and user data has been changed from "PlanetTogether, Inc" to "PlanetTogether Inc" to be more friendly with external programs.  The logs folder within PlanetTogether Inc will now also differentiate between instances for the same version to keep client log files for each instance separate.

  • Find in the Activities Grid goes to the wrong Resource if the Activity uses multiple Resources

  • Finding an activity on the gantt from the activity grid will now find the activity on the resource selected in the activity grid instead of the primary resource.

  • ImpactControl: Null reference exception

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Impact Monitor to get an exception on clients with slower CPUs.

  • Hidden resources list on gantt prevents Multi-move of orders

  • The resource grid on the Gantt can no longer be completely minimized.

  • Operation requiring more multi-tasking resource attention than available in the plant causes gaps in the schedule.

  • If an operation requires more attention of a capability supplied by multi-tasking resources than is available, the job will fail to schedule and leave gaps in the schedule.
    Resolution: If this condition is found after an optimize, an additional optimize will be performed to make use of the gaps.

  • Traveler Report: very slow to open with large inventory

  • The report now opens faster.

  • Changes made to gantt toolbar are not there when restarting client

  • Toolbar saving has been improved for major controls. When customizing a toolbar, the tools that can be moved are highlighted in yellow. Additional toolbar settings are saved including grouping and visibility.  The advanced customization dialog has been simplified.

  • Multi-tasking resources blocks are too short

  • It's possible for a block scheduled on a multi-tasking resource to be too short. For example in the case where an operation's NbrOfPeople=2 and UseNbrOfPeople=UseSpecifiedNbr, but the capacity interval it ends up being scheduled on has NbrOfPeople=1, the block should take twice as long.
    Resolution: Fixed

  • The Undo list in the menu shows the wrong time in the Timestamp column. It's one hour earlier than the actual time the action happened.

  • Fixed in issue with Daylight Savings time that would display actions performed on the scenario at an incorrect time.

  • The Run lable of the Gantt text shows in the Setup portion of the block

  • The Setup portion of the Gantt label Process no longer displays the label text from other process stages.

  • Cannot edit Alternate Paths order. Save and Close reverts back to old settings

  • Fixed an issue where the alternate path successors could not be modified on unscheduled jobs and templates.

  • MRP: Firm jobs will no longer need date changed to match demand

  • Previously, MPS/MRP could change need date of jobs that did not have a commitment status of Released. It would do so in order to satisfy demand from currently scheduled jobs. Now, MPS/MRP will not change need dates of jobs with commitment status of Firm in addition to Released.

  • Activities grid layout loads old UDFs. Switching back and forth between layouts fixes issue

  • Fixed an issue that would cause grids to load UDF and Attribute columns to the right of other columns regardless of how they were saved in the grid layout.

  • Number of items matching an Alert is incorrect

  • Fixed an issue where the alert count would be incorrect when using DoesNotContain, DoesNotEndWith, or DoesNotStartWith

  • System may freeze if there are multiple warehouses

  • If there are multiple warehouses, it's possible for the system to freeze.

  • PlantsGantt: Resource heights not initially loading

  • When loading the gantt initially, there was a case where the resource grid row heights would not be updated.
    Also fixed an issue with the sorting not being applied when switching gantt tabs.

  • Instance Manager - Have to always click start service button twice to show instance starting progress bar

  • Instance Manager crashes after clicking Licenses

  • Performance Improvement: Skip unnecessary refreshes of Jobs Pane

  • Set Job Values dialog: Make "Leave Current Values" the default choice for Commitment property

  • Jobs grid displays dates in universal time

  • InventoryPlan: Checkboxes for controlling which supplies to show change when moving from one row to another

  • Undo Button is Greyed out at times even though undo actions are available

  • User Interface Error when moving a block on the Gantt

  • The system might lock up if on hold is in use

  • If Jobs or Manufacturing Orders are on hold, the system might lock up.

  • Client desynchronized error

  • This could happen if Successor Manufacturing Orders were defined. Fixed

  • Analytics Dashboard doesn't run SQL command

  • Gantt Display Status.Material Source Unknown

  • Gantt blocks will now show Materials Available if all materials have been issued.

  • AllowedHelpers import creates Allowed Helper relations for all Resources imported even if a Resource no AllowedHelpers are imported

  • Import was creating an empty set of allowed helpers making no Resources eligible to be helpers for a Primary.

  • Incorrect JobResourceBlockIntervals.ScheduledEnd field on Helper Resource blocks

  • When there is an operation with both a primary and helper resource, the JobResourceBlockIntervals record for each shows the same value for ScheduleEnd, even if the helper ends prior to the end of the primary.

  • PublishHorizonEnd field in APS_Publish Schedules table is not set correctly

  • This field was always being set to the maximum value of 9999-12-31 23:59:59.997. It is now set so that it corresponds to the date after which Activities will not be published (this is a Publish Options setting).
    Also, there's a new field in the Schedules table called PlanningHorizonEnd which corresponds to the end of planning horizon (a setting in System Options).

  • Helper resources may change when an expedite is performed

  • When an expedite is performed, the helper resources of Manufacturing Orders that aren't being expedited might change.

  • UDFs erased on import

  • Manually entered UDFs will no longer be erased when not mapping UDFs or importing a null value. To clear UDFs, map the corresponding UDF column and import a blank value ('').

  • Instance Manager - Request Key by Email Button Error

  • Handle Server disconnects more gracefully

  • When the client's connection to the server is lost, the program will now close with a single more user friendly message and not crash.

  • No adjustment for material requirement satisfied by lead time

  • The inventory plot and published adjustments table will now be more accurate by including material sources that are either Inventory Lead Time or Part Lead Time.  This change will result in adjustments showing a negative inventory level when a material source is lead time.  NonConstraint materials are not included in these new adjustments.

  • UDFs: Resource UDFs not publishing

  • Finding Job on Gantt will move Gantt Pane to main screen if using multi screens

  • Panes that are off the primary screen will not be moved when activated unless they cannot be easily moved by the user.

  • Data Import: Objects not being deleted due to being referenced by other objects that will be deleted later

  • When processing import data, APS used to add, update and delete objects in the order specified below. This order is important since objects that are processed later can reference objects earlier on list. For example, a Sales Order for Inventory X cannot be created if Inventory X does not exist.
    However, attempting to delete objects (through "Auto-Delete for omitted records") in this order can fail and require additional imports to complete the delete. For example, trying to delete Inventory X would cause a validation error and fail since a Sales Order still needs it, even if the Sales Order is going to be deleted later on in the same import process.
    Changes have been made so that objects are added and updated in the same order as before but deleted in the reverse order (Jobs first), resolving the issue described here.
    User Plant Department Capability Resource Items Warehouse Lot Inventory CapacityIntervals Product Rules AttributeCodeTable PurchaseToStock SalesOrders Forecast Job

  • Eligibility Dialog

  • Sometimes Jobs "Fail to Schedule" due to lack of active capable Resources or constraints that make otherwise capable Resources ineligible. In order to determine why a Job failed to schedule, the user would need to access information dispersed over multiple windows, dialogs and grids which could be time consuming and difficult. The Eligibility dialog alleviates this process by gathering all relevant information in one place.
    To access it, select a Job in Job's Pane and click "Eligibility" on toolbar. The dialog lists all Activities within a Job. When each Activity is selected, all Resource Requirements for that Activity will be listed below. Each Resource Requirement is displayed with a list of capable Resources that can satisfy it. Relevant properties for each Resource is displayed along with links to Attribute Number Range, Allowed Helper and Resource Connector tables if applicable.

Minor Changes:

  • Item: Shelf life validation

  • For items with shelf life, a value from 0 to 100 years must be used. Non lot controlled items default to no shelf life (0). If the item is lot controlled using shelf life, a valid shelf life greater than 0 must be used.
    The publish database has been changed: Item.LotControlled has been removed. Please use Item.LotUsability to check if the item is lot controlled.

  • User setting to compress data further to reduce transfer time

  • A new option for user connection compression has been added. The default is Fast compression. Normal and High are now also available. These settings will further compress data sent to the user's client at the expense of compression time. For most connections this setting should be left at Fast for optimal performance. However Users on slow network connections may see improved login speed and reduced action delay with the Normal or High setting.

  • Grids: Load performance on unmatching conditionals

  • Improved gird load speed when using certain column filters with 'Any' operator.

  • Alternate Campaign Colors by Item Group

  • This preference can be set in the Simplify Gantt dialog. If set to true, the color of campaign blocks will alternate every time the ItemGroup associated with the campaign changes. Otherwise, ManufacturingOrder ProductColor is used.

  • New documentation for PlanetTogether Publish Database

  • New Google sheet lists all tables' columns and their description:

  • Gantt: Highlight block usability

  • Reworked highlighting by reducing it to a single toggle option. When on, all blocks will show their Job ColorCode color. This is compatible with the current gantt fading as well.
    Changed the highlight block right click menu to set job color.  Also the set job color option will apply to all selected gantt blocks.
    Fixed an issue when using common block labels where the text color did not adjust to the hightlight color.

  • Improve performance of login process, especially when logging in multiple clients at the same time

  • Performance improved when multiple users log in simultaneously.

  • Display resource multipliers as percentage

  • Resource efficiency multipliers are now displayed in the activities grid and gantt labels as a percentage of normal operation.

  • Jobs Grid: New EarliestJitStart column

  • A new EarliestOpJitStart columns has been added to the jobs grid. It will display the earliest JIT start date of operations in the job. Finished and omitted jobs are excluded.

  • Move constrained by post processing on another resource

  • When using split operations it's possible for optimize to schedule the successor operation at the start of the predecessor operation's post processing time.
    Resolution: fixed

  • New required field CapacityType

  • The CapacityType on the resource mappings is now required for import.

  • Publish: Automatically publish after user inactivity

  • New automatic publish options have been added to the publish options. Similar to CoPilot functionality, if no scenario action has occurred for x amount of time, automatically publish according to new automatic publish scenario options.  After one publish, another publish won't occur unless another action has been performed and x time has passed again. (it doesn't continuously publish).

  • New Activity Grid Column: SuccessorSeparation

  • Sucessor seperation represents the time between the end of the operation and the start of the next successor.

  • Alerts: KPI Alerts and add icon to indicate change in alert

  • KPIs can now be displayed as alerts from the KPI visibility options on the KPI screen. Additionally, all alerts will show an arrow indicating that the new value has increased or decreased.

  • Search Error on Browse Publish Data

  • MRP: Progress bar exceeds 100%

  • Gantt Label Padding

  • Gantt label text can now be padded away from the top and left borders to improve readability. This setting is found in the Label Options -> Label Format tab.

  • New Duplicate resource option added to right-click menu on Gantt

  • Added

  • Adjustements grid very slow to load

  • Bucket columns in the InventoryPlan adjustments grid are now limited to 50 for performance reasons.

  • Scrap Percent: Error when trying to set Planning Scrap Percent field on Activity

  • Fixed a case of an incorrect message being displayed when updating scrap quantity to an invalid value.

  • Add Safety Stock Warning Level to inventory plan

  • ScenarioHistory: Job Finished entry added twice

  • Resource Schedule report shows 2 start columns

  • Renamed columns to StartDateTime and StartDay

  • Gantt successor lines now curved

  • Changed material and successor lines to be curved so they are easier to follow visually around the blocks.

  • Adding Resource Attributes causes error if ShowInGantt is not set

  • Fixed the issue that would cause an error when manually adding an attribute to a resource when ShowInGantt was not set.

  • Email Support button in client

  • Users can now easily email support from the help dropdown.

  • Enable specific Item Groups to be included or ignored in the color coding of the material status in the Gantt.

  • A new option in the Gantt -> Labels screen allows for selecting which material types to include in gantt material warnings.

  • Add User Fields tab to Operation form

  • Operation UserFields may now be edited in the Jobs dialog -> Operation tab and in the Activity Grid -> Activity Status control.

  • Gantt: ActivityBoard View

  • Added a new feature to the gantt to show blocks at a 1 day precision.  All blocks that run on a day will span the entire day and stack similar to a multi tasking resource.  This will make the gantt more readable as the blocks will use all available width. This is helpful for users who plan for the day but don't always need exact start and end dates when scheduling.

  • Schedule report settings saved in workspace

  • Rename the Optimize Release rules to be more easily understood

  • Job Release Dates > JIT with Resource HeadStart
    JIT Release Date > JIT with Global HeadStart

  • Gantt labels improvement

  • Label items can now be searched when setting gantt labels. Some gantt labels simplified.

  • ColumnLayout Dialog: Add search/filter to column lists

  • The grid column chooser now has search functionality and it is easier to move column positions.

  • Undo, Redo: Actions should have friendly names

  • Actions in the undo/redo lists now have improved names to help the user identify each action they may be undoing.

  • Double click on scenario name, allows renaming of scenario

  • Client hangs (or takes very long time to load) when loading Gantt

  • Improved the performance of product related values on ManufacturingOrder.

  • Allowed Helpers: Search does not work

  • HintInfo: Add line for head start span

  • A new Gantt Hint line has been added to show the head start time for the operation which represents the earliest the automatic scheduling actions will schedule the operation.. This Head Start line will show if the operation is scheduled before its JIT start date and after the head start time.

  • KPIs: New Sales Order KPIs

  • Late sales orders % on time sales orders Overdue sales orders   These include jobs with classification = SalesOrder as well as sales orders.

  • Can't move Operations that have multiple Resource Requirements

  • When moving a block with multiple Resource Requirements on the same resource, an error such as the following may occur: The move to resource 'Resource 2' couldn't be performed. 'The move couldn't be performed because the resource the block was dropped on was already being used for a different resource requirement of the same batch.'

  • UI: Alt Path selection cancel causes erroneous message

  • Grids: Select last active row after reloading

  • The following grids now reselect the last active row that the user selected when the grid refreshes or switches layouts:
    Jobs, Templates, Inventory, Activities.

  • Hot Reason - Added to activity grid

  • Activities->Operation Tab: Clicking on "Save" leads to a blank window

  • Change Order: Spelling mistake

  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Change Orders dialog.

  • Resource Configurator (Plant): Spelling mistake

  • Mouse copy, paste, and select options added to most large text fields

  • Items, Warehouses & Inventories: Typing Enter exits the grid

  • Pressing enter will no longer attempt to close the dialog to avoid accidentally closing the dialog while editing the grid.

  • Job Flow Resource Sorting does not save after moving to different department or plant

  • Add AttentionPercent column to the Capacity Plan grids

  • Refresh Planning Data from a cleared scenario causes "Column 'Id' is constrained to be unique" messages

  • History pane "help" icon is missing and shows as a box with a red x

  • Scenario History help button now has an icon.

  • Late & Overdue Jobs button removed

  • It's functionality has been replaced by alerts.

  • UI Object Properties Window: Layouts are not saved

  • Job Details is slow to open when many jobs are connected by material

  • Improved some portions of the Job Details dialog to improve loading speed when the job is connected to many other jobs.

  • Error 2577 minor description update

  • Removed obsolete Customizer fields from publishing

  • ServerManager: Some log entries only specified the error code and contained no messages

  • Alternate Paths: Original Demand is duplicated for each alternate path that exists for Job

  • Data Error: Cannot close Error Dialog on Sales Orders

  • Accepting the prompt and entering a valid date will allow the user to continue.

  • Inventory Plan: Allow removing a template job from inventory

  • From the Warehouse & Inventory tab, select "None" to remove a mapped mrp template.

  • Grid row count incorrect when Group By rows are used

  • Grids will now correctly shows visible rows when Group By Rows are being used.

  • Inventory Plan: Warehouse External ID

  • Warehouse External ID has been added to the inventory plan grid.

  • JIT start date calculates too early

  • The Job Details Dialog now shows Job earliness value correctly. Previously it always displayed 0.

  • After an adjustment the gantt jumps to clock time if it was positioned before the start of the clock.

  • Save location for tooltip window between sessions

  • When manually positioning the Gantt tooltip, the position will be saved for when the client is restarted.

  • Rename MRP to MPS/MRP

  • JobsGrid: Select all should select only visible rows

  • Publish : Department FrozenSpan publishes in days

  • Department frozen span changed to be published in days and column type was changed from long to double.

  • Blocks on multi-tasking resource are re-shuffled visually when clicked (display issue)

  • Workspaces: Default workspace simplified

  • The default workspace (the workspace loaded if no other workspaces exist) has been simplified to just the HomeScreen. This will speed up client load times and allow the user to start at a simple template.

  • ActivityGrid: Added Optimization Score and Score Details to the grid

  • Added OptimizationScore and OptimizationScoreDetails columns to the ActivityGrid. The Optimization Score analysis system option must be enabled for the score data to be visible in the columns.

  • Webinstaller: User gets error on download

  • Data Mappings: Capability Mappings - Fields should be required

  • Marked ExternalId and Name as required fields for Capabilities in the data mappings wizard.

  • 'Assigned Capabilities' grid does not select capability rows that are assigned to Resource

  • In Resource Configurator dialog, each Resource row has a column called 'Assigned Capabilities'. This column has a button that once clicked displays the list of all Capabilities. The Capabilities that are assigned to the Resource should be selected when the list opens but this was not case.

  • KPI: unclear error message

  • The KPI chart will no longer give a strange error message when at least one KPI is not calculated.

  • Changes not saved when saving dialogs

  • Dialogs will now warn the user if their settings cannot be applied from a dialog when the system is busy. The button will turn yellow to signal a warning, and the dialog will not close, so the user can attempt the save again.

  • Have date pickers default to blank or today not 1800

  • Date pickers will default to today if another date has not been set.

  • Removed unused Message Processing functionality and fields from Instance Manager.

  • Message Processing functionality is no longer supported.

  • Import complete multiple popups

  • When notifying the user of a complete import, optimize, or publish, multiple windows will no popup. Instead one notification window will display the completed result messages.

Version: 2017.3.21 (March 21, 2017)

Corrected Issues:

  • Multi-User performance

  • Improved performance and reliability when multiple users are using the system.

  • Supply details for Stock Materials in job dialog not showing correct qty when product rules are in use

  • InstanceManager: Cannot create Instance if there's no internet connection

  • Alternate Paths: Job fails to schedule

  • If a job is anchored to an unschedulable alternate path, it will fail to schedule without warning and  won't automatically try out other eligible Alternate Paths.
    1. A warning is created for jobs locked to an unschedulable path.
    2. If an Anchored job is scheduled using an alternate path that subsequently becomes unschedulable, the job is unanchored and unscheduled.

  • Track Actuals: Tracked Job is Drawn on Gantt when not finished

  • Track Actuals: Green and White area appears in past upon import

  • Move: Move of job results in un-scheduling of previously scheduled jobs

  • Jobs that are set to "Setting up" are not moved to the front of the schedule

  • Activities that are setting up might appear at the front of the schedule before running activities.
    Resolution: Activities that have the status Setting Up will now schedule at the front of the schedule, behind any Running activities.

Minor Changes:

  • Exception when copying Live scenario to Publish scenario

  • Fixed a "Failed to save settings" error that could happen when copying the live scenario to the published scenario.

  • NullReferenceException in InventoryAdjustmentGrid

  • Fixed an error that could occur when clicking on an inventory in the inventory plan.

  • Index was out of range error

  • Fixed an issue that would show an error to other users when one user logged out.

  • Services crash when multiple users logged in

  • File in use exception wtih simultaneous logins

  • Number fields publish with only 2 decimal places

  • Data Import: import takes too long to process

  • ToolTip: Insights has incorrect value for Remaining QTY

  • Track Actuals: Finished Jobs being track draw over scheduled jobs on gantt

  • If track actuals is enabled, then track actuals that overlap jobs will instead squish to show both at once like multitasking resources do. This requires restarting the client to take affect when track actuals is enabled or disabled.

Version: 2016.10.21 (October 21, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • Resource: Experimental optimize rule being reset on update

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Resource normal optimize rule to be reset when updating the values in experimental optimize rule.

  • Anchored operations becoming un-anchor on import

  • Fixed an issue that could cause jobs to become un-anchored when importing activity data without importing the anchored values.

  • Buy Direct Materials: Restore functionality

  • Buy Direct materials can once again be imported and updated.

  • CTP dialog shows start and end dates of top level ManufacturingOrder only

  • CTP start and end dates have been corrected for cases with multiple Manufacturing Orders.

  • Optimize Plant: jobs move from plantA to PlantB when optimizing plantA

  • When optimizing a single plant, unscheduled jobs will only attempt to schedule in the plant being optimized. Jobs that are fully scheduled in other plants will not be affected. Note that jobs that are not eligible in a single plant will need to be scheduled by optimizing all plants.

Version: 2016.10.5 (October 5, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • Move: Exception occurs after move

  • Move: Fails when activity has multiple ResourceRequirements

  • Simulation exception after move

  • Fixed an issue that under some circumstances would result in an unstable schedule after a move.

  • Issue with customizations relating to setup time calculation

  • All setups were zero if using time customizations.

  • Tanks: Material Availability incorrect

  • Material was being released at the wrong time.
    1. In tanks that were supposed to release at the end of post processing time.
    2. When a material's release is OperationRunStart.


  • Anchor won't anchor from the jobs dialog

  • Activities can now be un-anchored from the jobs dialog. Previously they could only be anchored.

  • Expedite: Expedite fails when predecessor MO is finished

  • LatestContraint: Operation hold reason set to MO hold

  • Jobs set to Do Not Schedule could impact optimize

  • IssuedQty: IssuedQty not being accounted for

  • Issued quantity wasn't always used to satisfy material constraints.

  • ATPQty column sorts incorrectly in the Inventory Plan

  • ATP Quantity - the value displayed in the Inventory Plan doesn't match the value displayed in the Inventory Plot.

  • NullReferenceException when logging in if using Nearest Sawtooth Setup Nbr. Optimize rule

  • Operation ExpectedFinishedQty is incorrect when "Set Start Qty From Predecessor Qty" is true

  • Activities Grid: Rows can be deleted without actually impacting the underlying data

  • Move attempt fails and causes other operations to unschedule

  • System crashes when running MRP

  • This was caused by a loop in the BOMs. There is now a limit of 100 BOM levels. If exceeded MRP will stop and display an error to the user to assist in determining the issue.

Minor Changes:

  • Product FixedQty: not respected

  • Product TotalOutputQty could be adjusted by MRP even though it was marked as FixedQty.

  • Alerts: Update alert count when new job is created

Version: 2016.5.4 (May 4, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • Client and server become desynchronized

  • Client and server could become desynchronized if the model contains product rules and product rules are cleared using the scenario clear data functionality.

  • Hold on MOs or Operations not enforced

  • Activities->Activities Tab: Clicking "On Hold" button does not work

  • Fixed an issue that would cause an error when attempting to put an activity on hold from the Activity Status area within the activity scheduling grid.

  • Helper resource block may not be scheduled due to mismatching department frozen spans

  • CTP generates jobs to cover all shorages rather than what's required by CTP request

  • JobDialog: Corrected validation for PlanningScrapPercent column in Operation grid

  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when computing Job eligibility

  • Fixed an error that could be encountered when using resource connectors and finishing successor operations before the predecessor.

  • Gantt Resource Grid Image column does not display image if it's not the second column in the grid

  • View Error log button is highlighted without any errors during MRP

  • Inventory Transfer Rule Dialog error when there are less than two Warehouses in the System

  • CTP deletes other Template or Job when attempting deleting CTP job

  • When performing a CTP, if the "CTP Name" text box equals an existing Job ExternalId, deleting the CTP Job (from CTP dialog) may delete the Job that has ExternalId equal to "CTP Name".

  • Users with ViewPublished ScenarioAccess are able to change data and schedule

Version: 2016.3.10 (March 10, 2016)

New Features:

  • Add tooltips to Job Gantt

  • Improvements to CTP functionality

  • Users can run CTP for an Item stored in a specific Warehouse by specifying the Warehouse in the CTP dialog. When running CTPs involving multiple levels of Jobs across different Warehouses, an transfer time can be specified between FromWarehouse and ToWarehouse using InventoryTransferRule dialog. There are three new "scheduling types" that can be selected when running CTP: Optimize: Runs an Optimize at the end. Expedite to Clock: Expedites the Job to Clock (Do ASAP) Expedite to JIT Start Date: Expedites the Job it's JIT Start Date. Minor updates to the CTP dialog

Corrected Issues:

  • Expediting a Finished Job causes ArgumentOfRangeException

  • Exception on Optimize when Enforce MaxDelay is on

  • Fixed a potential error when using Enforce Max Delay with finished or omitted operations.

  • Undoing an action could result in out of date data and gantt features not working

  • In some circumstances, undoing an action would result in some UI elements to not load the correct data. This could result in out of date information. Also fixed a related issue that would cause certain actions on the jobs grid to fail after undo. For example, find.

  • Desynchronization: ExtraServices doesn't recover after attempting to reload

  • Order becomes unscheduled after import due to predecessor job being removed

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Successor MO Jobs to become unscheduled when the predecessor job is removed.

  • Product rules not compatible with some optimize ruls

  • Product rules are now correctly factored in when using certain optimize rules.

  • When the client is disconnected from the server, due to network issues for example, it will automatically restart

Minor Changes:

  • During Import if Resource Capacity Type change is rejected then the Resources beyond that are AutoDeleted

  • Connected Jobs Gantt: Object Reference Error on Refresh

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Job Gantt to display an error if the job being displayed has been deleted.

  • Jobs & Activities Grid - "Apply" is only temporary when making column changes

  • Updated the grid column configuration dialog to use have a Preview option instead of an Apply option. Canceling the dialog will not make any changes to the grid columns.

  • Jobs Dialog: Un-Anchoring doesn't get saved.

  • This Anchored checkbox and Anchor Start Date were not supposed to be editable. They are now read-only.
    To change anchoring use the gantt, jobs grid, or activities grid.  

Version: 2016.2.23 (February 23, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • IndexOutOfRangeException during import

  • This exception could happen if Successor ManufacturingOrders were used.

  • Jobs requiring product rules auto-created capabilities fail to schedule

  • When creating product rules, user has the option to auto-create capabilities and auto-assign them to corresponding Resources. If a Job exists before capabilities are created & assigned this way and the Job references one of these capabilities, then it may have failed to schedule.

  • Latest constraint incorrect

  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly show an operation's latest constraint as a finished predecessor operation.

  • Jobs Grid Red X (fixed in Release branch)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Red X on grids when using search in a multi user environment.

  • Finished Operation acts as Predecessor Constraint

  • Fixed an issue where a finished predecessor could incorrectly be displayed as the latest constraint.

  • CoPilot: KPI value not matching scenario

  • Fixed an issue when using the All Rules adjustment setting in CoPilot RuleSeek. Previously an incorrect CoPilot scenario could be generated.

  • KPIs: KPI calculations don't match definition

  • Updated KPIs that calculate resource costs to take into account when activities are scheduled on overtime or potential overtime intervals.  Updated Resource Online Cost KPI to match the description and not include overtime.

  • Unable to sort and filter on grids in the jobs dialog

  • Fixed an issue that could cause grids in the Jobs Dialog to not allow sorting and moving.

  • Desych when using default resources

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a client to be desynchronized from the server when manually moving operations off of and then back to their default resource.

  • Desync: Successor MOs

  • Fixed a potential issue that could cause the Client to desynchronize from the server when importing Jobs with SuccessorMOs.

  • Jobs Grid: Index out of range exception upon opening job

  • Fixed an error that could be encountered when opening the Jobs Dialog in rare cases.

  • Jobs Dialog: Can't close dialog if scenario no longer exists

  • Fixed an eror when attempting to close the Jobs Dialog for a job in a scenario that no longer exists. Such as a deleted What-If scenario.

  • Publishing by Resource includes extra capacity intervals

  • When publishing only a selection of Resources, all Capacity Intervals were being published. Changes have been made so Capacity Intervals only assigned to Resources being published are published.

  • Offline Capacity after planning horizon could affect schedule

  • Capacity past the planning horizon is now infinite. Recurring intervals will no longer exist past the planning horizon. Single intervals will be visible, but not affect scheduling after the horizon. For example, adding an offline interval for holidays past the horizon will be visible, but will not affect scheduling until the planning horizon has been extended to include the offline interval.

  • Optimize won't schedule operation sooner even with RR JIT Limit Days Enabled

  • Optimize may schedule an activity later than necessary if one of its helper resource requirements has a default resource. The helper requirement will only end up being scheduled on the default resource. When the Resource Requirement's JIT Limit days is reached, other eligible resources are ignored and the activity ends up waiting for the default resource to become available.
    Resolution: When the JIT Limit days are reached, other resources can be used to schedule the resource requirement.

  • Inventory plot grid layouts

  • The Inventory Plot in the Inventory Plan has been updated to save and load grid layouts.

  • CTP: Value property cannot be set error

  • Resource connectors aren't compatible with move and resource locks

  • If you move a block from its connected resource an exception will occur.
    Resolution: Fixed, though resource connectors are only compatible with resource locks down to the operation. It's not compatible with multiple activities.

Minor Changes:

  • Job.Hot is being set to true if a hold reason is specified.

  • When is a job is on hold, the Jobs Dialog could potentially show a job as Hot even if it is not.

  • Index out of Range error dealing with Scenario Viewer

  • Fixed an error that could occur when undocking a scenario tab.

  • What-If - shortcut changed

  • New what-if scenario shortcut has been changed to ctrol + shift + s to avoid conflict with other gantt shortcuts.

  • Publish: Duplicate Primary Key violation when inserting records into JobProductDeletedDemands table

  • Additional details included to ensure uniqueness.

  • Copy text from Activities Grid

  • Copying grid text by clicking a cell while holding the control key will now work on the Activity Scheduling Grid.

  • Product Rules not applied to CTP

Version: 2016.1.22 (January 22, 2016)

Corrected Issues:

  • Jobs pane menu options are not enabled propertly when multiple rows are selected

  • Selecting multiple rows in the jobs grid will now correctly update the toolbar actions available for the selected jobs.

  • Undo is not undoing to the right spot

  • When undoing certain actions, it was possible that the final result of undo was wrong, not matching the desired point in time. One of these actions is 'Split'. Resolved

  • Job dialog shows zero for days early if the job is scheduled to complete early.

  • Fixed to show the correct number of days early.

  • Set Job Values: Leave Current Values warning

  • When changing schedulability with the Set Job Values dialog, a warning will no longer prompt the user to change other fields.

  • Properties Pane not loaded correctly when dock manager settings are loaded.

  • Identified an issue that could cause the Properties pane to not correctly load when starting the client. If the issue occurs, the properties pane will instead load when used as a full screen pane. It will need to be manually moved to the desired location.

  • View Only Users are unable to open the Capacity Plan pane from the Show Pane dropdown

  • Modified user permissions to be influenced more by the "Can Maintain" settings and less by the user login type (Master Scheduler, View Only, etc.)  Upgrading to this version may require modifying user settings to retain the same actions for users.

  • Overtime scheduled usage not included in Capacity Plan

  • The Capacity Plan now takes into account Overtime and Potential overtime. The capacity plan also arranges displayed buckets so that they start at an even interval for ease of use. For example, if showing a week on the gantt, the Capacity Plan will start at the begining of the first day shown on the gantt, instead of at a specific time on the first day.

  • Job schedules on manual-only resource after import

  • When a job is updated, it's possible it may end up scheduling on a manual-only resource.

  • Client Server Desyncronization

  • Under certain circumstances, data between client and server could become desynchronized. Resolved.

  • Data Import: Imported Lots were added to all Inventories of the item they specified

  • Move Activities: Cannot move after other activity

  • The move dialog now uses move options specified in the gantt or activities grid. Previously it was moving with all move options disabled.

  • Deleting Forecasts causes the scenario file to become corrupted

  • Window header displays "Red X"

  • Fixed an issue that would sporadically cause a dialog or control to appear with a red x and cause the control be to unusable. The red x would sometimes be followed by a "Parameter not valid" error.

Minor Changes:

  • Error Logs: Non administrators cannot view without can maintan resources

  • Master Scheduler users can now view the error logs even if they don't have the CanMaintanResources user permission.

  • Material Requirements report not showing any records in No Supply tabs

  • Now the Planned field indicates whether the requirement is fully satisfied by either OnHand inventory or Expected inventory.

  • Allow View Only users to Browse Publish Data

  • ViewOnly users may not view publish data.

  • Capacity Plan: Scheduled Usage % not correct with overlapping offline intervals

  • Fixed an issue were the Capacity Plan would report incorrect utilization % when an offline interval overlapped another offline interval.

  • Performance Monitor: Prevent certain users from deleting data

  • The performance monitor Clear Performance Data button will now prompt for a confirmation before deleting all performance data.
    Users must have the Maintain Resources permission to view and clear resource performance data.

  • Hide resource from gantt also hides it from the activities grid resources list

  • Renamed the Resource hide from gantt option to clarify that it also hides the resource from the activity grid.

  • Transfer Order: Deleting Item or Inventories can make TransferOrders referencing them invalid

  • This could cause an error when starting the system.

  • Data Import: PurchaseOrder ScheduledReceiptDate is incorrect after import

  • Data Import: Forecasts not being deleted for omitted records

  • Users: When using "Require password reset at next logon" if user cancels out of password reset, client crashes

  • Performance Improvement: AttributeCode and SetupCode table import time reduced

Version: 2015.11.1 (November 1, 2015)

New Features:

  • Workspaces: User Experience Update

  • Refined the way Workspaces are saved and shared. Users may notice increased reliability in using and sharing workspaces.

  • ProcessFlow: Allow new documents to be opened replacing the existing one

  • The user can now load new documents into the ProcessFlow pane.

  • Analytics: Remeber user credentials for automatic login

  • The Analytics pane will remember the last user logged in. The user no longer needs to log into the Analytics pane each time the client is started.

  • Optimize by Setup cost, Inventory Carrying cost, or Late Penalty cost

  • Weights for Setup cost, Inventory Carrying cost, and Late Penalty cost have been added to optimize the schedule by cost.
    Setup cost is by resource and varies based on the resource’s “setup included when” setting. The cost is either: the number of setup hours times the resource’s Standard Hourly Cost, determined by the values in the setup code table the resource is uses, or by the operation’s attributes.
    The Inventory carrying cost of an operation is equal to the number of days it would finish early times its operation carrying cost times the daily interest of the plant the resource is in.
    The late penalty cost is equal to the number of days late times the job late penalty cost.

Corrected Issues:

  • User Security: None Admin user able to modify users

  • InventoryPlan: Loading grid layout does not reload the grid.

  • Changing a grid layout in the Inventory Plan will now reload the data automatically.

  • CTP: Job NeedDate

  • Reserving Capacity & Material using CTP now results in a Job with a Job Need Date that matches the Need Date as entered in CTP.

  • Tanks: Innventory details error when clicking on tank in inventory plan

  • Fixed an issue that would cause an error when clicking on a tank resource in the Inventory Plan.

  • Alerts: Error with blank filter on UDF column

  • Fixed a possible error when saving an Alert that was filtering on UDFs when a column value was blank.

  • LicenseKey: View Only user is not able to login despite licenses still being available

  • Fixed an error when logging in as a ViewOnly user. The error would incorrectly state that there are not enough licensed users available.

  • AlmostLate: Incorrectly calculated on job

  • Fixed an issue where the job AlmostLate field was always true even if the job was not almost late.

  • Group by grid Exception

  • Fixed an error that was caused by using the group-by feature of some grids. When grouping certain columns a "Specified cast is not valid" error could occur.

  • DaylightSavings time causes capacity intervals to shift one hour

  • Fixed an issue relating to Daylight Savings Time that would cause capacity intervals to shift one hour during the transition into or out of Daylight Savings Time.
    Upgrading from an older version to this version or newer, may cause current capacity intervals to shift one hour. Whether this will happen depends on if the capacity intervals were created by a user during Dailight Savings Time, and it currently is not Daylight Savings Time.

  • ServerManager: service crashes when internet connection is lost

  • If using License Service and internet connection is lost, the system will allow normal operation for about day. After that, the system will be in read-only mode. The system will continue checking for a connection every 2 minutes and resume normal operation when online.

  • Job Entry date blank

  • The job Entry date will now be correctly set to the date in which the job was created in the system.

  • Null reference exception in client when changing to setting up state

Minor Changes:

  • Analytics: the last analytic used is now loaded when switching workspaces

  • Layouts: Adding Summaries (Max/Min/Sum etc.) does not prompt for Layout Save

  • Changing grid summaries will now prompt the user to save the grid layout on supported grids.

  • Job Dialog: Setting MO RequiredQty no longer causes endless loop if it causes Operation Qty to be out of range

  • Exception: The anchor date was accessed, but the anchor hasen't been dropped

  • If an unscheduled activity has an anchor date, it will be ignored by Expedite.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: same shortcut for InventoryPlan pane and Insert Jobs

  • InsertJobs hotkey removed so it would not conflict with Inventory Plan

  • Default new user's to include forecasts in the inventory plan

  • This is a more common desired value for the setting so it is a better default.

  • Workspaces: Warning message when overwriting a Local or Shared Workspace

  • Confirmation prompts have been added when sharing a loading a workspace would overwrite an existing workspace.

  • Block is stuck to mouse during drag and drop

  • Fixed an issue that could result in a gantt block being stuck to the mouse and an error shown.

Version: 2015.9.21 (September 21, 2015)

New Features:

  • KPI updates

  • NEW: Total Setup CostThe total scheduled Setup Hours times Resource Standard Cost.
    UPDATED: Late Penalty + Setup + FG Carrying Cost
    Job Lateness x Job Late Penalty plus Job Setup Cost plus finished goods Inventory Carrying Cost for scheduled Jobs.
    (Previously this KPI did not include Inventory Carrying Cost and was displayed in light gray instead of orange, which is now easier to see.)
    UPDATED: Finished Goods Carrying Cost
    The sum of the Operation Daily Carrying Costs times the number of days early for the Manufacturing Order.
    (Previously, this KPI only looked at the carrying cost of the WIP during the Job's duration.)
    UPDATED: WIP Carrying Cost
    The sum of Operation Carrying Costs multiplied by the days between their start time and the Manufacturing Order end time.
    (Previously, this KPI was the sum of resource and material costs, not taking work span or Operation Carrying Cost into account.)

  • Jit Compress

  • The new feature JIT Compress can be used to compress operations as far as they can towards their JIT start date without making blocks late or later.
    JIT compress doesn't change the sequence blocks are scheduled in. To perform a JIT compress, click on the JIT Compress toolbar button.

  • RoutingChanges: Add description to scenario history

Corrected Issues:

  • Key Already Exists error when loading workspace

  • Capable-To-Promise update

  • Capable-To-Promise now skips material requiremnts with an inventory MRPProcessing set to 'Ignore'

  • Activity Grid displays Activity NeedDate in UTC time

  • Error while populating the DataSets for the APS Database. Unique constraint violation

  • CTP jobs have blank External ID

  • If a CTP is run without specifying a CTP Job Name, a new name and external id will be automatically created.

  • System Alert - Export to PDF

  • Resolved the error that occurred when opening a grid in PDF or XPS.

  • Gantt Search first searches current Department

  • Material Requirements: Issued materials should not show up as source unknown on gantt.

  • Finished Goods Carrying Cost is always zero

  • Grids: Cannot delete layout

  • Layouts will now remain deleted when restarting the client.

Minor Changes:

  • Grids: Some percent columns shown as currency

  • Users: ViewAll/ViewLive users can expedite jobs without proper permissions

  • CTP - incorrectly states "On-Time" when order fails to schedule

  • Save and Close Job saves UDF changes successfully

  • Fixed: Manually deleting a UDF from the Job Details window actually deletes the UDF.

Version: 2015.8.14 (August 14, 2015)

Corrected Issues:

  • Ui Showing system messages when collaboration message is turned off

Minor Changes:

  • Dialog: Release Date Constraint Prompt

  • Fixed an issue in the Move Constraint Dialog where text was covering the window title.

  • Client Manager: Timeout when connection string can't be reached

  • Improved reliability in the connection to the license service.

Version: 2015.8.4 (August 4, 2015)

Minor Changes:

  • Workspaces: Smoother Workspace switching

Version: 2015.6.5 (June 5, 2015)

New Features:

  • MRP: Autodelete ERP managed jobs

  • EntryMethod renamed to MaintenanceMethod
    Updating MRP jobs will change their MaintenanceMethod to ERP.
    This will also allow those jobs to be autodeleted during import.
    Updated the publish database to account for the renamed column

  • Gantt: Job finish line

  • Added a vertical gantt line to show the finish date of the Job selected.

  • Improved Gantt Search

  • Jobs can be found and open by ExternalId in addition to Name.
    The Gantt search box will no longer clear the selection on subsequent searches.
    The search will prioritize any activities running in the current department.

  • Default Resource dropdown includes additional description

  • Included the Resource Workcenter and Resource Description to the dropdown used when selecting the default resource for an operation.

  • Workspaces: Save toolbar shortcuts

  • Toolbar button shortcuts will now be saved as part of a workspace.
    To customize a shortcut:
    Right click the toolbar and select customize if available.
    Click the "Keyboard..." button.
    Find the tool in and select the shortcut from the shortcut dropdown.
    Click Assign.

  • Forecast Maintenance Tool

  • A new tool has been created to allows maintenaning Forecasts for inventories.
    View Forecasts
    Use "Forecasts" button in InventoryPlan to toggle Forecast Maintenance tool open. The same button closes the tool.
    Select one or more Inventory records from InventoryPlan to display Forecasts associated with them. Each ForecastShipment (RequiredDate, RequiredQty) is displayed as row in the grid. You can use the usual grid sort and filter functionality.
    Adjust Forecasts
    Select one or more ForecastShipments and click the "Adjust" button. The Adjust dialog displays the current RequiredQtys as points on a chart. Adjusted quantities are displayed in a different color and indicate the quantities once adjustment is performed. Two adjustment methods: Value: Set the RequiredQty for all selected shipments to a specific value. Scale: Increase/decrease each RequiredQty by either a percentage of the current quantity or a specific value Generate Forecasts
    To generate new Forecasts demands, select one or more Inventories and click "Generate". In Generate dialog, Specify a date range by choosing Start (default Clock) and End (default End of Planning Horizon) dates. Then choose the recurrence interval (e.g. Day, Week, etc.) to create multiple requirements over time. Specify required quantities as a function of required dates Constant: Sets all quantities to the same value Linear: Specify the required Qty for starting Period and the factor by which increase/decrease each successive period. Generate dialog displays a line-chart as you specify values. The same requirement profile (Required Dates and Quantities) are used to generate Forecasts for all selected inventory records.

  • Batch Safety Stock replenishment with other demand when applicable

  • Jobs created to ensure Safety Stock level for Inventory is met were not being batched together with other demand. This could, in some cases, cause too much of a product to be created. Material Planning has been enhanced to apply batching logic to Safety Stock as well.
    Safety Stock is considered a demand at the APS Clock time. Depending on the Inventory's Batch Window and Batch Size settings and other demand (Sales Order, Operation Material Requirement)

  • Workspaces: Support custom images for the ribbon

  • Custom images for Ribbon buttons can be set using the ribbon customer. The customizer can be opened through the Ribbon's right click menu.

  • Updated DynamicsAX 2012 Integration Files

  • Added Support for MultiPlant and Cleaned up Table Structure

  • New KPI: System Performance

  • A new KPI has been added to track system performance. It will track the time of actions that require a schedule adjustment.

  • Add Grand Summaries to summarized Grid Controls.

  • Now if grids are showing summary rows there is a Grand Summaries row on the bottom.

  • Generate Jobs added to Inventory Plan

  • Generate Jobs has been added to the Inventory Plan.  Valid template jobs can be used to generate regular jobs on the job pane.

  • Layouts: Don't automatically save. Add save button

  • Layouts will now not automatically save after changes. If a change occurs to the grid that could be saved, two buttons will become available. Save and Reload. Reload will load the layout as it was last saved.

  • Additional publish options that control amount of data published

  • Publish options can, among other settings, define what data is pushed out to external data store (i.e. database). With large amounts of data these options can significantly decrease publish time and network load. The following new options have been added to the existing set:
    Jobs Template Jobs ManufacturingOrders Operations Activities

  • Faster access to the custom filter dialog.

  • The custom filter dialog for a grid column can now be accessed from the menu shown when right-clicking on a column name.

  • Add data percents to the System Information window

  • Show % of Total memory for objects.

  • update GP integration

  • Created SP to GP integration

  • Improved the ability to find MOs, operations, and activities in the Gantt.

  • The Find Job button in the Gantt now supports searching by MO External Id or Name.

  • Client usability improvements

  • Made the following changes:
    Ribbon tabs, ribbon groups, and the quick access toolbar will save button order, size and caption.
    Updated window styles to match the new client style
    Primary inventory plot tab is now Details instead of plotted values
    Fixed an error that would occur when clicking the Full screen button
    Updated styling for several controls including error log viewer and Gantt tooltip
    Merged Gantt zoom buttons into one control
    Adjusted Simplify Gantt window layout
    Added saving custom ribbon tabs and groups
    Added styling for floating toolbars to make them easily identifiable.

  • Exclude Template Jobs from KPI data storage and calculation

  • With each KPI snapshot, APS saves information about every Job. This information is used by KPI and Impact Analysis functionality. In order to improve performance, Template Jobs are now being excluded from this process.

  • MaterialRequirement validation improvement on import

  • Material Requirement's RequirementType field specifies whether a material is BuyDirect or FromStock. In Interface Mapping Wizard's however, this field was being ignored and RequirementType was decided based on whether an ItemExternalId is specified. This caused confusion when mapping and validating data.
    Changes have been made to use the value mapped to this field or choose default value of FromStock if no mapping is provided. If RequirementType is FromStock, a blank ItemExternalId causes a validation exception.

  • Update MicrosoftGP SQL Scripts

  • Update Microsoft GP SQL Scripts

  • Double click job row to open job when viewing job pane

  • Double clicking a job row did not open the Job details.
    User had to double click the right arrow to the left of the job.

  • Process Flow Visio diagram shapes can display a particular layout

  • Process Flow pane displays Visio diagrams. These diagrams can include shapes that have a URL associated with them. When clicked, if the URL is in correct format, APS reacts and performs the action encoded in the diagram.
    Previously, Job and Inventory URLs accepted parameters in the following format:
    These have now changed so above are no longer valid URLs. Instead, Process Flow has been integrated to layout management in these panes and can load a layout (it should already exist):

  • Increase Default Dashboard publish timeout from 30 to 120 seconds

  • Dashboard Timeout is a setting on the Instance that specifies how long the Instance has to publish each table to Dashboard Server. This was set to 30 seconds but our experience shows that this caused too many time out errors. The default is being increased to 120 seconds.

  • Client Icons

  • New Icons have been added to the PlanetTogether Client.

  • Short Term Scenario

  • 1. Added a "Delete Data Past Short Term" option that removes data past the short term span to simplify the scenario.  This action can be undone using the standard undo feature. The option deletes the following objects after the short term span:
    Jobs starting after short term Transfer Orders and distributions Sales Orders, lines, and distributions Purchase Orders Forecasts and shipments 2. A second option "Copy to New Short Term Scenario" will copy the scenario to a new scenario, change its type to a ShortTerm scenario and run delete the data as described in 1. In addition to 1, after every optimize and import, the data is deleted again so that the scenario won't have excess data outside the short term unless converted back to a what if or live scenario. Manual moves and other simulations can push jobs past the short term spam without deleting them right away.

  • New fields added to About Dialog

  • About dialog now displays the following fields for easy trouble shooting of Licensing issues:
    Serial Code Company License

  • Large Data improvements for grid

  • There is a new filtering option for data grids. This options will improve performance for large data scenarios when enabled.

  • Inventory Pane Update

  • The following changes have been made to the Inventory Pane
    The grid has been separated into two parts, with the inventory rows above and detailed views below. The inventory plot now loads below the grid instead of opening in a new window on double clicking a row The Inventory grid is not editable The Item, Inventory, and Warehouse details for the selected inventory row are shown below the grid. The values can be modified and saved. The inventory adjustments for the selected inventory row are displayed below the grid. The Inventory plan options have been simplified and rearranged. Fixed an issue that would cause errors when using the Automatic filtering options when selecting activity on the Gantt. Quick filter options have been provided for Item and Warehouse names Other Inventory filters should now be applied to Grid Columns instead of in specified boxes. The loading performance of the Inventory Plan has been improved.

  • Option to not calculate KPIs

  • The KPI visibility options in the KPI pane have a new feature that allows specific KPIs to be dissabled. Unchecking "Calculate" in the options will cause this KPI to be hidden and the values for the KPI will not be calculated. This can increase performance by not calculating unused KPIs. This setting is Scenario specific.

  • Scheduling actions take less time

  • Scheduling actions now take less time. This will be most noticeable in large scenarios that don't use scheduling weights that are sequence dependent.

  • Branding Changed for projects Client Manager and Web Installer

  • Client Manager and Web Installer both have new branding now.  The UI project still has a red diamond taskbar and form icon deep within the program and has been difficult to track down.  A related Product Backlog 4520 has been created to fix this issue.

  • Data Refresh performance and validation improvements

  • Performance for updating Inventory and Job records has been improved.
    Sales Order and Jobs import validation has been improved such that a validation error in one records does not terminate the import.

  • Updated Gantt highlighting

  • Highlighting was improved for better usability.
    1.       The AutoHighlight feature is now called AutoFade and will fade blocks not currently selected
    2.       Blocks can be Faded regardless of their highlight status
    3.       Using AutoFade will fade blocks according to the Highlight/Fade objects dropdown
    4.       Deselecting AutoFade will remove fading from all blocks
    5.       Hidden blocks (from HideOtherJobs) will be reshown when clicking on the gantt area or a block
    6.       The ClearHighlighting button will also clear fading and hidden alterations
    7.       Blocks can be highlighted independently from fading, and highlighting will be re-shown if fading is removed.

  • OverlapTransferHrs and OverlapPercentComplete default values change

  • Changed the defualt value for OverlapTransferHrs and OverlapPercentComplete to 0 instead of 1.  If importing a null value on the alternate path node, the value will be 0

  • Data Import enhancemed to improve Activity status updates

  • Before this enhancement, in order to update an Activity's status (e.g. ReportedGoodQty, ReportedHours, etc.), it was necessary to import Activity's entire Job. When using Express MRP feature, this requirement meant re-creating the entire Job structure from published data and importing it again, only to update the status.
    With this enhancement, Activity records (called "Internal Activity" in Data Mappings) will be imported even if a corresponding Job is not being imported. If these Activities don't currently exist in the system, a Validation error is logged and that record is ignored. All data protection settings (e.g. StableSpan, ManualUpdateOnly, etc.) are honored as usual.

  • APS Data Set Schema file included in IntegrationFiles folder

  • DataSet file called PtDbDataSet.xsd defines the schema for APS in memory data. This file can be used when creating reports that pull data from in-memory data rather than SQL. This file is included with every Release to ensure latest schema is available to clients.

  • User Workspaces

  • A new UI feature has been added: Workspaces
    A workspace will save user settings including window layout, activity grid settings, toolbar layouts, and the quick access toolbar. Users can create multiple workspaces to quickly switch between different views for improved usability. Workspaces can be saved as "presets" which will share the workspace with all users.
    Workspaces replace the user shared layouts feature.

  • Move: Add move failure reasons to MoveManager and error popup

  • Move validation and Move Warnings will not provide additional information useful to determine why the move could not be performed. This included Attribute Number Ranges that are not valid, and specific capabilities missing from the target resource.

  • Impove colors on Gantt blocks and arrows for better visibility of arrows.

  • Gantt blocks have lighter colors to make viewing less intense on the user's eyes and to make it easier to read text and see arrows. Arrows have been darkened, widened, and in some cases changed to higher contrast colors.

  • Gantt Toolbar Simplification

  • Find options have been moved to a separate toolbar so it can be unpinned and moved freely.
    Gantt options have been moved to a dropdown to reduce toolbar clutter.
    All toolbar buttons can be hidden shown or moved to different toolbars by right clicking the toolbar and selecting Customize.

  • New ActivitySchedulingGrid columns

  • Added the following columns:
    MO Path Name.
    Additional Activity reported values.
    Missing Operation materials.
    Left and right leeway (Gaps in the schedule around this activity).
    Required capability.
    If scheduled on a Bottleneck resource.
    Batch type.
    UDFs and Attributes for Job, MO, OP.
    Job Commitement.
    Job Classification.

  • Create a Home Page

  • A new homepage has been created for the APS Client. This screen will show news relating to the product and helpful links to other areas of the software. Managing workspaces can also be performed on this HomeScreen.

  • Instance Manager required service information

  • Tabs in Instance Manager indicate the Service that should be running (if any) for the feature to work.

  • Gantt: Improve block selection visibility and highlighting

  • Improved the selection visibility and highlighting featues.
    1. If Auto-Highlight is used selecting a block uses the current reverse highlighting feature that Show Job flow provides. This will leave alone the colors of the blocks of interest and make them clearly stand out even when small. Note that clearing the selection by clicking the Gantt background or the Clear Highlighting will restore normal coloring.
    2 Block selection drawing (for when Auto-Hilight is off) will change the border of the selected blocks to a different color so they stand out more.
    3. Selecting a block on the Gantt will now select the corresponding row in the ActivityGrid the same way it highlights the job in the JobsGrid.
    4. Changed block highlighting to use a solid color instead of a partial color.

  • Form Styling

  • Popup windows and dialogs have been styled for consistency and modernization.

  • New Process Flow Pane displays interactive Visio documents in APS

  • Process Flow pane enables Visio documents to be embedded inside APS. These documents can include shapes that once clicked, will interact with APS to display a window or perform an action. Each Workspace has its own Visio document and new documents can be loaded which capture the Workspace's process flow in a visual and easy to follow diagram.
    Shapes in Visio documents can have hyper-links. Once clicked, the hyper-link is activated and if the hyper-link is a valid APS API URL, APS will respond to action encoded in the URL.
    Valid APS API URL:
    SCHEME: app AUTORITY: aps PATH: the action to take (see available list below) PARAMATERS: KEY1=VALUE1&KEY2=VALUE2  
    Display Jobs Pane and select Unscheduled Tab -> app://aps/Jobs?Layout=Unscheduled Display Gantt Pane and select Plant2 and Dept3 -> app://aps/Gantt?PlantName=Plant2&DepartmentName=Dept3 Perform an Optimize -> app://aps/Optimize Display Inventory Plan and Select layout -> app://aps/InventoryPlan?Items=item1,item2&Warehouses=warehouse1 Available actions:
    Open home screen PATH: Home PARAMETERS: None Open Activities screen PATH: Activities PARAMETERS: None Open Jobs Screen PATH: Jobs PARAMETERS: Layout: Optional layout to load Open Gantt: PATH: Gantt PARAMETERS: PlantName: Optional Plant to open DepartmentName: Optional Department to open Open Inventory Plan: PATH: InventoryPlan PARAMETERS: Layout: Optional layout to load Optimize: PATH: Optimize PARAMETERS: None Advance Clock: PATH: AdvanceClock PARAMETERS: DateTime: Optional Date and time to advance the clock to
    Import data:
    PATH: Refresh
    Publish data:
    PATH: Publish

  • KPI Visibility added to Compare Scenarios window

  • KPI Visibility can be changed for a scenario in the Compare Scenarios window.  If more than one scenario exists, you must select a scenario first then click the enabled KPI Visibility button .  If there is only one scenario, the KPI visibility button will be always enabled.  Modifying KPI visibility in the Compare Scenarios window can affect how the Scenario KPI chart looks in the Compare Scenarios window but not the KPI pane.  A related product backlog 4523 has been created to fix this issue.

  • Schedules table in Publish database has new field LastPublishForScenario

  • Schedules.LastPublishForScenario is a Boolean (True or False) field to help find the latest publish of each scenario. For every scenario published, there will only be one (the latest) with this value set to True.

  • Dashboard

  • Dashboard helps users understand APS data better through visual analytic tools.
    PlanetTogether APS Client:
    A new pane called Dashboard is available. It's hidden by default, but can be opened from the "Windows" tab. It's used to display and interact with Dashboard reports. There's a new Publish Option called "Publish to Dashboard". When turned on, Publish will push data up to Dashboard database when publishing. Instance Manager:
    There's a new Dashboard tab with the following settings: Dashboard Database Connection String - This is the connection string used to publish data to Dashboard database. SQL Command to Run after Publish - This can be used to publish additional data to Dashboard database. NOTE: this command runs on the Connection String specified on the Data Publish tab. Timeout - how many seconds to allow for each table to be published to Dashboard database. Publish Automatically Every - if larger than zero, and data has changed since last update, PlanetTogether will automatically update data in Dashboard database. Dashboard URL - This is the url where Dashboard reports can be accessed.

  • Scroll to clock after clock advance

  • After a clock advance, the gantt view will adjust so that time before the current clock is not visible. The grey area will be removed. If Track Actuals is enabled, then this will not occur. If the user is viewing an area further in the schedule that is not removed by the clock advance, no change will be noticed.

  • ActivityGrid Enhancements

  • Users may now move activities in the ActivityGrid by dropping a row on the area below the last row. It will schedule behind the last scheduled activity, or if there are now activities scheduled on that resource, the beginning of the schedule.  If selecting multiple resources, the move will be performed on the first resource row selected.

  • Move Multiple Blocks enhancement

  • Move multiple blocks now supports Alternate Path moves. To move multiple block by alternate paths, all of the selected Manufacturing Orders must be moved to a path with the same name.

Corrected Issues:

  • MRP: Keep additional template options when job is created

  • MRP will not keep the Commitment value and the DoNotSchedule flag when creating a job.  Previously it overwrote those template values.

  • MRP does not adjust supply quantity to meet MinNbrBatches and MaxNbrBatches

  • Jobs with multiple resource requirements may end up unscheduled.

  • If an activity isn't finished but some of its resource requirements are finished, the job may become unscheduled. For instance if requirement 1 is used during setup and process and requirement 2 is only used during setup but setup if finished, then the job may end up unscheduled.

  • Client desynchronized from the server

  • Sometimes an error message appears that says the client has become desynchronized from the server.

  • Unlocked Activities show as Locked on Activity Grid

  • Fixed an issue in the Activity grid where the Locked column showed the incorrect value.

  • MaterialRequirement fixes and improvements

  • ItemExternalId and WarehouseExternalId have been added to publish database and can be accessed in the JobMaterials table. These fields will be blank for BuyDirect materials. Supply column in JobMaterials table used to contain information that was not useful. UOM field was only imported if MaterialRequirement was a BuyDirect. Now it's imported for both types.

  • TransferOrder Demand Serialization issue fixed

  • When MRP creates a Job or Purchase Order to satisfy a Transfer Order, it links the Job or PO to a TransferOrderDemand. An issue with saving TransferOrderDemands could cause an error with message "Ticks must be between DateTime.MinValue.Ticks and DateTime.MaxValue.Ticks". Fixed

  • ReportedScrapQty is not reflected in RemainingFinishQty even though DeductScrapFromRequired is checked

  • When DeductScrapFromRequired is checked it's expected that Qty entered into ReportedScrapQty field would be reflected in RemainingFinishQty (subtracted from RequiredFinishQty). This is not the case even though scheduled hours is correct. Fixed

  • Send logs in View Error log window does not work

  • The functionality to Send log being viewed and Send All has been

  • NullReferenceException during Optimize

  • If an import was run that removed a Plant and caused validation errors later on in the processing of import data, the required cleanup related to removal of Plant would not take place and cause a NullReferenceException in a later Optimize.

  • Collection was modified after the enumerator was instantiated.

  • This error could be displayed in scenarios with very large number of Jobs.

  • MRP Optimize fails with exception "Array dimensions exceeded supported range"

  • This was caused by an issue regarding MaterialRequirement allocation during the final Optimize of MRP.

  • Error 2234 when using CompatibilityCode

  • Error 2234 will no longer be shown when attempting to use the CompatibilityCode feature.

  • Rename FatalErrors.log to Exceptions.log

  • Renamed FatalErrors.log to Exceptions.log

  • Data Validation: Template Jobs must have a primary product

  • Jobs without a primary product aren't allowed to be marked as Template.

  • Client Updater service not updating files

  • Fixed an issue that would cause ClientUpdater Service to not update files on a newly created instance.

  • ClientManager: Error when signing in to a new instance

  • Fixed an issue that would cause an unhandled error to occur when signing in to a new instance.

  • Ribbon disapears

  • Ribbon was disappearing sometimes when changing versions. This has been

  • File already exists error

  • Fixed an issue where temporary file created wasn't being deleted and could cause an error. The work around for the error is to empty windows temporary files folder.

  • Activity links now hidden if no gantt blocks are selected

  • If activity links are enabled and shown, clicking on an area in the gantt that isn't a block hides the activity links.

  • Localization files synchronized

  • Fixed some error messages that were displaying the wrong and unhelpful message.

  • Import Users Error

  • Fixed an issue that blocked user data from being imported.

  • Cannot expedite an unschedule job

  • Problem: Cannot expedite an unschedule job
    Resolution: A job can be expedited whether it is scheduled or not.

  • Copying Template Job now sets classification to default

  • A template job copied to a regular job sets the classification to Production Order.

  • Copying MO does not copy attributes

  • Operation Attributes now will be copied when copying a MO in the Job Dialog.

  • MRP assuming FixedQty on Product when it's not checked

  • A bug was causing Product TotalOutputQty not to be adjusted when creating MRP. This has been

  • MRP: Optimize fails with exception trying to create a job

  • MRP fails with exception due to trying to create a job with a approximately 0 qty. This results from AutoSplit option in MRP. Fixed an issue with MRP so that these jobs are not being created.
    This could result in a very small demand not being met. This qty will be less than the rounding precession.

  • An exception occurs in the InventoryPlan when using gantt click filter options

  • In the inventory plan, if option was turned on to filter by ManufacturingOrder products when a block is clicked on Gantt, an exception would occur. This has been resolved.

  • Switching Gantt Views scrolls view before clock

  • Previously switching views with Gantt at the clock could move the view before the clock. For example switching to Short Term then switching to Shift could cause the view to show only an area before the clock. Using Simplify the Gantt option to hide time periods would increase the chance of this happening.

  • Grid Bars: Error when using on some grids.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause some grids to display a red X when attempting to use Grid Bars.
    Updated Grid Bars for columns with only negative values to show the most negative number as the maximum and the least negative number to the be minimum (inverting from previous behavior).

  • Validation exception on Import stops import from completing

  • All major objects such as Warehouses, Jobs, Plants, etc. have been improved to continue with the process of updating data even after a validation error has occurred. All validation messages are logged as before.

  • Lasso Select now refreshes gantt eligibility

  • Gantt resource eligibility refreshed upon lasso selection.

  • Index was outside the bounds of the array when starting.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a corrupted scenario after importing invalid activities.

  • Activity not moving to alternate path

  • Added an error message when attempting to move a split operation to a different path. Previously the activity would move back to its original location with no message.

  • Setting MO RequiredQty Value to 0 (zero) causes error loop

  • If attempting to set the MO Required Qty to 0 when editing the job, a message will be displayed to the user explaining the invalid value.

  • Unhandled Exception on Import

  • Fixed an issue that would cause an unhandled exception on import when importing new Jobs with validation issues.
    Added more details to logged exceptions.

  • Operation Attribute ColorCode data type changed to String

  • ColorCode field on Operation Attribute import used to accept the OLE integer representation of the color. It is now changed to accept the Name. As before, the RGB fields are available also but only one method can be used. The list of valid color Names can be found here:

  • Null Reference Exception after running Import

  • If an import caused a Plant to be deleted from System, it could cause a NullReferenceException during loading of the system or running MRP.
    This bug is

  • Client will never notify the user that import finished if there was nothing to import

  • Interface service was recently improved to notify the user import has finished after all imported data had been processed. This was causing a situation where "refresh started ..." message wouldn't be replaced with "refresh completed ..." message if no data was actually imported.
    This has been

  • Unhandled Exception - Importing Same Attribute Name per Operation

  • Validation improvement to handle duplicate Attribute name errors and display information necessary to fix data issue.

  • Compare Scenarios Exception when changing KPI visibility

  • The exception was reproduced by:
    Setting KPI visibility in Compare Scenarios to not include any numeric columns. Save and Close Compare Scenarios Open Compare Scenarios Add a Numeric column (like (T) Throughput) Save KPI Visibility

  • An error occurs when an optimize is performed and Lot functionality is in use.

  • If using lot control in combination with Shelf Life an error would occur when an optimize is performed.

  • Fatal Error on Optimize: Insufficient remaining Quantity to split operation

  • It was possible for Express MRP to create Jobs with quantities small enough that they would get rounded down to zero due to SystemOptions' Precision property. This has been fixed

  • Instance Manager refreshes instance grid too early after Start Service operation

  • This is fixed now, so progress of starting services is reported more accurately. There's a 3 minunte timeout after which the grid refreshes regardless of whether Instances have started

  • Inventory Plan: Group all adjustments before the APS clock into a column

  • If there are any inventory adjustments prior to APS Clock (Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, etc), they are displayed as the first column in Inventory Plan under the heading "Past + On hand". The "Net Inventory" row displays the cumulative adjustments in the past plus On hand Qty.

  • Department.Sort field not imported

  • Department.Sort field was not being set when a new Department was imported. This is now fixed and Department.Sort field is set correctly.

  • Error parsing string on Import has been improved

  • Some fields accept only specific values that can be imported. If the value imported does not match one of the accepted options, an error is logged. This error has been improved to specify the object type (e.g. Job), field name (e.g. Commitment), the incorrect value that was mapped as well as the list of acceptable values for this type of field.

  • When importing large amounts of data APS Client shows "Import finished..." message too early

  • Tracking import progress has been improved to be more accurate. "Import finished ..." message is displayed once all data has been processed for all Scenarios in the System. Depending on which pane user is viewing when import is finished, User Interface may require additional time to refresh.

  • Client Freezes when using a bucket length of "hour" in inventory plan

  • The Inventory Pane Adjustments Grid has been changed to prevent displaying hour buckets for the Planning Horizon to avoid accidental processing. A progress bar is displayed when loading adjustments to show the client is still processing the data and is not frozen. Hour buckets can still be shown for the short term span.

  • Express MRP: Jobs starting in Plant Stable span are not preserved

  • When running MRP, Jobs starting in Plant Stable span were deleted even if the option to preserve them was turned on. This would happen if Optimize options were set to start optimizing at "End of frozen span".
    This issue has been

  • Operation Graph Now Displayed instead of Help

  • DailyOperatingExpense and InvestedCapital in Plants Mappings not importing

  • Two fields on Plants mappings would not import. This has been fixed
    DailyOperatingExpense InvestedCapital

  • Interface mapping wizard is slow when "Refresh field list and sample data" is clicked

  • This functionality used to select all rows in a table before displaying them. Now it has been improved to fetch the number of rows specified by the user (default of 100) to ensure window doesn't get stuck when the underlying table has a lot of rows.

  • Missing fields in Purchase To Stock Import added

  • Some fields were missing from the Purchase To Stock import page on Interface Mapping Wizard. There have been added and can now be imported.
    Transfer Hours Unload Hours ShowInDockSchedulingBoard ScheduledDockNbr

  • Dates on Transfer Orders not working correctly

  • Two issues with Transfer Order dates have been fixed:
    Receive Date was being ignored and instead Ship Date was being used for all calculations. Both Receive and Ship Dates were being import as UTC times rather than local Server Time.

  • Add ability to clear setup code, attribute code and attribute number range table data

  • Clear data dialog under Data tab did not include option to clear setup code table data. When attempting to "clear all scenario" data, setup code tables would remain in the scenario.
    3 new options have been added to this dialog to clear "Setup Code Tables", "Attribute Code Tables" and "Attribute Number Range Tables" data.

  • Gantt not refreshing after manually adding or updating Plants, Departments or Resources

  • Fixed this issue so when a Plant, Department or Resource is added or updated, Gantt refreshes to reflect these changes.

  • A 1 hour capacity interval that ends at the start of daylight savings causes an exception.

  • If a capacity interval 1 hour in length is created that ends at the start of DST an exception will occur.

  • SignIn: Error when signing into an instance with a space in the name

  • Fixed an issue that would cause a login failure due to spaces in the instance name.

  • User is unable to undo past a "system" transmission

  • Some transmissions such as ScenarioTouchT and ChecksumT were preventing users from performing undo/redo operations. Improvements have been made to remove these and other "System" transmissions from user's list of actions.

  • Clicking Finished (F9) in activity status results in Unhandled Exception

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when changing activity status in the ActivitySchedulingGrid.

  • A Manufacturing Order with anchored activities may become partially unscheduled when certain changes are made to it.

  • For instance if the Manufacturing Order's release date is changed, it will become unscheduled starting at the anchored activity.

  • Import finishes with errors but error log is empty

  • This was caused due to an issue with error handling code. In this specific case, two MaterialRequirements with the same Item were being imported for the same Operation.

  • Inventory Plot NullReference Exception when a UDF value is null

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Inventory Pane to show an error if a UDF didn't have a value associated with it.

  • Sign-In, some types of users cant set a connection string

  • If Sign-In did not have internet access, the user would not be able to create a connection string. An message will now be shown about the failure to access the internet.

  • Find block in different plant update

  • The find in gantt features have been updated to correctly switch between plants when finding blocks that are not in the currently viewed plant.

  • Clarified error messages that contain names and ExternalIds to avoid confusion

  • Error messages will now place single quotes (') around names and ExternalIds to avoid confusion when there are spaces or other hard to see characters. It is recommended to not start or end names and ids with single quote markings.

  • Inventory Pane Column Layout not saving

  • The order of columns will now save in the inventory pane. The columns that are visible after refreshing items is controlled by the view options in the inventory pane.

  • JobAutoSplitQty creates ManufacturingOrders with incorrect Quantities

  • Sign-In - cant add more than 3 connections

  • Fixed an issue in version 1.5 and earlier that would make it difficult to select a server connection when there were three saved connections.

  • Online time, when between two offline intervals (on the same online capacity interval), is being counted as offline

  • Fixed an issue where Online time between two offline intervals (on the same online capacity interval) is being counted as offline.

  • The calculation for the Optimize Rule Throughput per Drum Hour was dividing by Ticks instead of Hours, resulting in very small impacts.

  • Adjusted Throughput per Drum Hour optimize rule to be more impactful

  • Publish to ProductRules checkbox in Publish Options dialog not being saved

  • An issue affecting versions 2014.9.26 through 2014.11.13 was preventing "Publish to ProductRules" check-box in Publish Options dialog to not save.

  • Inactive interval intersecting capcity interval with NbrOfPeople>1 causes NbrOfPeople to not be used.

  • If an inacitve interval intersects an interval whose NbrOfPeople is greater than 1, the extra people won't be used when creating the schedule.

  • Instance Active Directory related settings are transferred when copied

  • When copying an Instance, the following two settings would not copy over.
    Allow Active Directory Login Active Directory Group Name

  • Capacity interval gets dropped after clock advance: Daylight Savings

  • Users no longer need to manage daylight savings time when creating recurring capacity intervals.  The intervals will be displayed in the correct local time.

  • Finished Internally applied only when activity changed

  • Previously, any manual change to a job would cause the job's activities to not be updated by non-manual changes such as imports. Now the activity will allow other changes unless the activity was manually modified. Job modifications will no longer prevent activities from being updated from imports.

  • Multi-Tasking resource moving

  • When performing a move on a Multi-Tasking resource, the "Exact Move" is always performed meaning that the moved block may push out other blocks if they cannot all schedule at the same time.

  • Undo and Scenario Copy cause an error in clock advance if material is being auto issued.

  • Certian actions such as undo and scenario copy will cause an error during a clock advance if material is being auto issued. 

  • Unhandled Exception on Import

  • Setting a Job Production Status to Post-Processing without the Resource Requirement Used During to also include Post-Processing is now a handled exception.
    Import: During an import, if a Job doesn't satisfy the above condition, that Job is not imported and an error is logged.
    In the Job Details dialog, if a user attempts to save a Job and does not satisfy the above conditions, the Job is not saved and a error window appears. In the Activity Pane, if modifying an Activity in the Activity Status window would violate the above condition, the button is not enabled (Setup, Run, Post-Processing, etc.)

  • Capacity Plan error when no Jobs are scheduled and "Scheduled Usage %, By Family" type is chosen

  • When no Jobs are scheduled, there's nothing to show. This used to cause an error message to display. This has been fixed to clear chart data and display a message letting user know there's nothing to show for chosen criteria.

  • Block scheduled where there is no capacity

  • If importing capacity intervals, it's possible for blocks to end up scheduled where there is no capacity.

  • Plant Tab Names dont update when Manually creating Plants

  • When a Plant, Department or Resource is manually added or updated, Gantt refreshes to reflect these changes.

  • Computer Date format settings overridden by Language files

  • Date and Number format is now based upon Windows Localization settings.

  • Transfer Orders Closed Field now Required

  • Transfer Orders and Transfer Orders Distribution Mappings now both have a 'Closed' field required (not NULL).

  • Jobs with omitted or finished operations fail to schedule.

  • If an omitted or finished operation's resource requirements can't be satisfied its job wouldn't schedule. The omitted or finished operations should be ignored.
    Resolution: Omitted and finished operations are now ignored by the scheduler.

  • Browse Publish Data vertical scroll bar does not autoscale

  • Resolution: "All - Tree View" tab in Browse Jobs dialog now scrolls correctly based on the number of contents.  Contents are now alphabetized.

  • Inputting a CAST() sql function in Interface Mapping wizard results in an error

  • This was due to the wizard replacing any expression in the form of "XXX as YYYY" with "XXX". Interface mapping wizard has been updated to accept SQL CAST function in the mappings.

Minor Changes:

  • Standard Workspaces created

  • 8 new workspaces have been created and will ship with new versions of APS. Each workspace has a different set of windows (views), layouts and toolbar settings designed around different user roles' needs. They can be customized further for even better user experience.

  • TransferQty shows up twice on InventoryPlan Item Detail control

  • TransferQty field on Item was added twice on Item Detail window of InventoryPlan, once as "TransferQty" and again as "Transfer Qty".

  • MRP progress displayed on status bar shows 1000%

  • NullObjectReference Exception after Client timeout

  • When APS Client and System service haven't been in contact for duration of "Client timeout" (Instance Settings), the connection times out. This can happen for different reasons (network disconnect) and is generally not considered a critical issue. However, APS client was receiving a NullObjectReference after a timeout and displaying a miss leading error. 
    APS Client has been improved to handle timeout gracefully.

  • Date Format Extra 00's Removed

  • Inventory Plan DateTimes no exclude unnecessary zeros.

  • Instance Manager Improvements

  • Progress bar message in Instance Settings dialog was cutoff. Layout updated to display full text. While Instance Manager is initially loading, buttons are now disabled so accidental clicks are prevented.

  • Lasso zoom (ctrl drag in Gantt) doesn't work correctly in flipped vertical mode

  • If the Gantt is in flipped vertical mode and you use the lasso zoom feature (ctrl drag in the Gantt) the hours and resources zoomed to are both incorrect.

Version: 2014.8.14 (August 14, 2014)

Corrected Issues:

  • Alerts: Incorrect Calculation

  • Fixed an issue that would cause alerts to have the incorrect number shown.

  • Failed to compare two elements in the array exception is thrown

  • Added additional import validation for TransferOrders.

Version: 2014.8.4 (August 4, 2014)

Corrected Issues:

  • Layouts: Grids don't reload data and layouts when switching workspaces

  • Fixed an issue where grid layouts were not reloaded when switching workspaces. This could cause grid columns without data and other grid oddities.

Version: 2013.10.25 (October 25, 2013)

New Features:

  • Allow setup of a successor operation to overlap its tank predecessor operation

  • For operations that have very long setups it is desirable for the setup to be able to start prior to the completion of the predecessor operation.
    For instance if a manufacturing order had Tank operation 10 followed by 20 and operation 10's total time were 48 hours and operation 20's setup time were 12 hours it is desirable to allow operation 20's setup to start before operation 10 completed.
    Path configuration:
    This enhancement makes this possible.
    To use this enhancement:
    The tank operations must have no predecessor operations. The producing operation must be configured for overlap by transfer time and the transfer time must be equal to maximum number of hours of setup that can occur. Set the operation's Overlap type to TransferSpanBeforeStart.
    and OverlapTransferHours to the maximum number of setup hours the successor operation . The consuming operation's Stock Material must set the UseOverlapProduction checkbox. The consuming operation's Stock Material must set the TankStorageReleaseTimingto something such as "At End of Post-Processing". Set the Tank operation's resource requirement's UsedDuring to either "Setup, Run, Post-Processing, and Storage"or "Setup, Run, Post-Processing, Storage, and End of Storage Post-Processing".

  • Show storage within tank blocks

  • This enhancement to Tank resources will: Add a new stage to tank resources called storage that dipicts the end of processing of a batch until the time all the material has been removed. Add a new post processing time called "Tank Post Processing", which starts after all the material has been removed. This can be used to model a cleanout. Usage:

    The key elements of the Tank and consumption operations are:
    The Resource’s UsedDuring should be set to the new value: "Setup, Run, Post-Processing, and Storage" or "Setup, Run, Post-Processing, Storage, and End of Storage Post-Processing".
    The operation has a product with StoreInTank set to true.
    There’s a new field named "Tank Post-Processing". This can be 0, I don’t know if F&N will use it. In attached scenario, this value is 1 hour (which is why the tank is released an hour after packing is complete).
    Consumption: One or more other operations that
    Requires the product created by the Mix operation.
    The new field TankStorageReleaseTiming should be set to "At End of Processing" or "At End of Post-Processing".

    1. In the producing operation (Tank):
    1.1. Resource Requirement UsedDuring for Tanks and there helpers may also be one of these values:
    1.1.1. Setup, Run, Post-Processing, and Storage
    1.1.2. Setup, Run, Post-Processing, Storage, and End of Storage Post-Processing
    1.2. Tanks may also specify EndOfStoragePostProcessing, which is Tank Post-Processing after the tank has been released by the activity that draws the final amount of material from it.
    2. In the consumer(s) Stock Material:
    2.1. TankStorageReleaseTiming can be set to one of the following values:
    2.1.1. NotATank: This is the default. The material isn’t expected to be withdrawn from a Tank.
    2.1.2. AtActivityStart:
    2.1.3. AtEndOfSetup:
    2.1.4. AtEndOfProcessing:
    2.1.5. AtEndOfPostProcessing:

  • Allow Scheduling of Jobs with at least one path satisfiable and at least one path unsatisfiable

  • New Unschedulable paths system options:
    DoNotScheduleJob: Default. ScheduleWithSchedulablePaths: Allow the job to schedule if it contains any schedulable jobs.

Corrected Issues:

  • Optimize tooltip mispelled word

  • Fixed the misspelling.

  • Drag and drop eligibility differs from optimize eligibility

  • Fixed the discrepancy

  • Viewing large error logs in Enterprise Client fails

  • Fixed an issue n Enterprise Client's Alerts & Diagnostics screen; when View logs is clicked attached error message is displayed indicating size of the error log has exceeded the limit. 

  • InventoryAvailableTiming enum not correct

  • Corrected the spelling AtOperationResourcePostProcessingEnd

  • Exception occurs when clicking on a Job in the Gantt

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a job in the Gantt would show an exception if an alternate path of the job did not have any eligble resources.

Version: 2013.1.18 (January 18, 2013)

New Features:

  • Calculate JIT Start Dates during MRP and CTP when Manufacturing Order quantities are changed (for batching, etc.)

  • Allocate on-hand material to requirements based on lead-time

  • Planned Purchase Order qty not based on Batch Size

  • Add a MaterialList field to the Jobs pane to show which materials the Job uses.

  • A new Material List field was added.
    It lists the Item Names of all Materials used in the Current Path.

  • Enhance MRP to enable a single Optimize to schedule purchasing based on newly Optimize MRP Job dates.

  • New Optimization Rule: Critical Ratio

  • BI/KPI/Dashboarding: Add TOC measures to KPI

  • Help: APS Online Help

Corrected Issues:

  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object on MoveDialog

  • Browse Publish results in Fatal Error messages

  • Inventory Plan layout information (sorts, filters, etc.) are reset to the initial state after Refreshing Items, thus losing changes from the current session.

  • KPI Resource Utilization % error

  • Jobs pane not updated after Optimize if in its own window.

  • Edit of Forecast in the Inventory Plan edits the interval to the right.

  • Unable to edit resource without Process Manufacturing

  • Gantt labels don’t display until an optimize/drag-drop or other forced screen refresh

  • Ganntt Lables now load all of the labels and update on gantt refresh.

  • When Setup hours on Operation is changed, Activity setup hours doesn't change automatically

  • A prompt will ask whether to update activities in case the Operation and Activity values should not be the same.

  • View Error Logs button is highlighted red and OutOfSequence exceptions appears in Misc.log

  • APS services hang if started by APS Server Manager

  • Activity links between split operations doesn't show for Operations with no successor

Version: 2012.9.14 (September 14, 2012)

New Features:

  • Omit setup time for the first Activity on a Resource or in a shift

  • Two new options added to the Resource:
    Omit Setup on First Activity: If true then the Setup Time on the first Activity scheduled on the Resource is always zero. Omit Setup on First Activity in Shift: If true then the Setup Time on the first Activity scheduled on a Capacity Interval is always zero.

  • Allow object edit windows to resize the top section to create more room for editing and displaying User Fields, Attributes, etc.

  • Optimization: Add Buffer Management tools

  • There is a new Buffer Management Workbench view under the Performance tab on the Ribbon. There are new Buffer and DBR fields in the Manufacturing Order Properties There are new Buffer Penetration options in the Gantt Labels

  • Store Forecast and Transfer Order Demands in Jobs that are level 1 and below.

  • Now Forecast and Transfer Order Demands are stored in subjobs, not just the top level jobs.

  • Do no show Templates in the Slow Performance tab of the Jobs pane.

  • Modify MRP to allow for MOs to be created during MRP by Add-Ins

  • Extend AutoJoin to allow for Joining of Manufacturing Order that are in Jobs containing Multiple Manufacturing Orders.

  • Add options to display optimize, import and publish results/complete dialog when done.